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22 June 2017, Thu, 6:18

Proposed online policy is a tool to suppress online news portals

Secretary General urges to cancel cabinet approved online mass media policy

7 June 2017, Wed, 8:03

Jamaat-e-Islami’s pre-scheduled Iftar Mahfil forcefully stopped

Secretary General condemns invisible authority’s unjustifiable interference

3 June 2017, Sat, 4:17

Jamaat-e-Islami gives official reaction to the proposed budget

Jamaat Ameer calls to modify the budget proposal to make it public friendly

1 June 2017, Thu, 10:55

Imposing a flat VAT rate of 15 percent is unjustified

Proposed budget is ambitious, fails to preserve public interest, claims Secretary General

28 May 2017, Sun, 4:20

Government plays hide and seek game with the controversial statue; judicial probe demanded

Secretary General calls to remove the Greek Goddess’s statue from Supreme Court’s Annex building area