Saturday, 06th June, 2020
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Acting Secretary General urges Fisheries Minister to step down for his involvement with the minority attack incidents
Saturday, 05th November, 2016

The incidents of attack upon the minorities and looting their houses in Nasirnagar of Brahmanbaria have taken place in presence of the Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sayeedul Haque and his closed associates and local Awami League leaders provoked the attacks on Hindu establishments. So naturally the minister and the local Awami League leaders are fully responsible for these tragic incidents. Considering this reality, Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 5th November, 2016 urging Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sayeedul Haque to resign from his office immediately.

“Local lawmaker and Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sayeedul Haque cannot deny the liability of this incident by any means. After the first phase of attack on the Hindu temples, business institutions and houses in Brahmanbaria district’s Nasirnagar, second phase of attack took place on 3rd November midnight amid the tightened security of the law enforcers. Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sayeedul Haque also present in the same area at that time. So this incident substantiated the failure of the Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sayeedul Haque and the local administration. The countrymen are truly aggrieved with the role of the minister and the administration. Furthermore, he has instigated communalism and anarchy by making provocative and objectionable comments. The mysterious role of the Fisheries Minister and the recent incident of expelling 3 local Awami League leaders clearly proved that the ruling party men had carried out the brutal attack on minorities in Nasirnagar of the Brahmanbaria district in a preplanned way.

The political analysts think that, the government may have some ill motives behind the subsequent attacks which have taken place on the Hindu establishments in various places of the country immediate after the Nasirnagar incident. I am calling upon the countrymen to remain aware and conscious about such ill plots and to form mass resistance against the communal terrorists and land grabbers who are trying to grab the land properties of the minorities forcibly.

I am asking Local lawmaker and Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sayeedul Haque to step down from his office taking the liabilities of this incident. In addition, I am urging the authorities concerned to conduct a judicial investigation into the incidents of attacks on minorities which have taken place in Nasirnagar of Brahmanbaria and other places of the country in recent times in order to bring the real culprits to the justice.”