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Acting Secretary General calls for a comprehensive land commission law for Chittagong hill tracts
Thursday, 03rd November, 2016


Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 3rd November, 2016urging to enact a comprehensive land commission law for Chittagong hill tracts conserving the interest of all the stakeholders after a full review of the proposed Chittagong Hill tracts Land Disputes Settlement Commission Act repealing the controversial sections. 

A huge dispute centering the land ownership has been going on in the Chittagong hill tracts for long days. No government had taken any effective measures to resolve this crisis. Earlier an acr titled Chittagong Hill Tracts Land Disputes Settlement Commission Act had been enacted in 2001. The amended version of this act has been passed in the parliament in 2016. According to the amended version, the land, under construction houses and existing establishments of the Bengali people would be disowned. Such situation may cause disturbance and turmoil in the region again. Steps must be taken to review this act so that land, houses and establishments remain preserved and protected for both the Bengalis and the tribal groups. To ensure it, I am calling to annal the section 7, section 11, section 19 and section 20 immediately.  We are also of the view to include a non-tribal people in the concerned committee along with existing 3 representatives from the tribal and ethnic communities. Chittagong hill tracts is truly blessed with natural beauties.

The government has to find out a way to resolve this crisis by minimizing the margin and division between the Bengali and the tribal. The authority has to move with more rationalism and sincerity. Initiatives should be taken properly so that all tribals and ethnical groups can live with harmony. The interest of both the Bengalis and tribal should be preserved. Besides they should take some steps to bring the neglected and backward community in advance.

Due to this decade long land disputes, development and prosperity are seriously hampered in the region. Human rights are violated as well. In order to solve such deadlock, I am urging the concerned authority to enact  a comprehensive land commission law for Chittagong hill tracts protecting the rights of the people of all sections.