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Acting Secretary General expresses resentment over the proposal of gas price hike; calls to repeal
Tuesday, 09th August, 2016
Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 9th August, 2016 expressing deep resentment over the proposal of gas price hike and urging the authority to withdraw the proposal immediately.
“General people are already suffering the most due to repeated price hike by the incumbent government. Particularly, the middle and low income people became extremely frustrated with the recent proposal of gas price hike once again.
When the price of crude oil has been reduced in the global market, at that time the government’s proposal of hiking gas price is a mockery with the nation. In the recent proposal, it has been proposed to hike price from 600 taka to 1,100 taka for single burner and from 650 taka to 1,200 taka for double burners. The proposal is also placed to hike price of meter-included gas from 7 taka to 16.80 taka per cubic meters and for industrial purpose, gas price to be hiked from 6.74 taka to 10.95 taka. But at present, there is no reasonable ground for gas price hike. 
The new proposal once again proved that this government feels no liability towards the nation. It would be a major blow for the general masses. People’s resentment and dissatisfaction of the people over the recent gas price hike proposal is being understood through the chaos and severe reaction of the people of different corners during the recently held mass hearing. 
Taking part in this hearing on 7th August, FBCCI President Abdul Matlub Ahmed commented that due to ongoing adverse situation, the business communities are already in the back foot. The current government in their regime hiked the gas price for three times already. The recent proposal would increase the gas price for 4th times. Further gas price hike would increase the production cost in the mills and factories. It would also hike the transportation cost in the CNG run vehicles. Overall the mass sufferings would be deepening more.
The impact of another gas price hike would be viral extremely which would hamper the general lives. Employment opportunity is at stake now due to less investment in the non-government sector. The salaries and remuneration of the working people in this section have not increased as well. Rather staffs are being sacked in regular basis from factories and industrial establishments. In a word, the sufferings of the people know no bounds. But this government has no attention to these mass sufferings.
I am expressing deep resentment over the proposal of gas price hike and urging the government to withdraw the proposal immediately.”