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Egyptian appeal court upholds Morsi’s 20-year prison sentence; Professor Mujib expresses deep concern
Monday, 24th October, 2016

Nayeb-e-Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former member of the Parliament Professor Mujibur Rahman has issued the following statement on 24th October, 2016 expressing deep concern An Egyptian appeals court has upheld a 20-year sentence for the deposed president Dr. Mohamed Morsi.

“Dr. Mohamed Morsi is the first ever democratically elected President of Egypt. The incumbent tyrannical government of Egypt has kept him imprisoned for years by plotting some ill conspiracies. He had not committed any crimes. Rather, the government is making unprecedented oppression and torture against him by keeping him behind the bar unjustifiably. Still he is the most popular leader in Egypt.

I am urging the Egyptian government to cancel all penalties and sentences delivered against him and to release Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the elected President of Egypt immediately.”