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Sylhet Government College student Khadiza hacked brutally by BCL cadre; Acting Secretary General condemns; demands exemplary punishment
Thursday, 06th October, 2016
Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 6th October, 2016 expressing deep concern as Khadiza Akhter Nargis, a student of Sylhet Government Women College became critically injured as ruling party’s student wing Chhatra League leader Badrul Alam had hacked her brutally.
Khadiza Akhter Nargis, a second year student of the Sylhet Government Women College was hacked brutally by Chhatra League cadre Badrul Alam as she had rejected his love proposal. Khadiza left in extremely critical condition and now she is struggling to survive at a city hospital. This incident is truly shameful for the entire nation.
Chhatra League (BCL) goon Badrul Alam hacked the innocent Khadiza Akhter Nargis indiscriminately in broad day light in front of hundreds of teachers and students. Almighty Allah knows her ultimate fate. But the cry and tears of her parents, family members and relatives have affected us all. This incident is nothing but a glimpse of the nationwide mayhem of Chhatra League. BCL men are involved with all sorts of wrongdoings including extortion, tender terrorism, seat and admission business, murder, abduction, kidnapping, rape, hijacking, robbery, drug addiction and what not. 
On 13th June of 2016, Jubo League cadres had raped a Hindu woman and her daughter inside a boat. On last 25th September, a 3rd standard female student became the worst victim of rape by Chhatra League leader Khokon in Mirzapur of Tangail district. There are many similar incidents rape and assaults on women which have been committed by the Chhatra League and Jubo League activists.
The Chhatra League thugs have set fire on a dormitory of the Sylhet MC College on July of 2012. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid burst into teachers watching the incident on 12th July of that year. Earlier, the Chhatra League men set fire at the only dormitory of the Sylhet Government College. Chhatra League worker Sumon Chandra Das was killed by the attack of another faction of Chhatra League in the Sylhet Shahjalal Science and Technology University. The Chhatra League goons earlier hacked a tailor namely Bishwajit to death in broad day light. Another man named Heaven Chowdhury was murdered in a Chhatra League attack in 2014 in Nobiganj area of the Habiganj district. In the similar attack of Chhatra League, many other peoples including Rojanul Islam Chowdhury of Rajshahi, MC College student Udoyendra Singh Polash, Mostofa Kamal in Pabna and Dhaka University’s F Rahman Hall’s resident Abu Bakar. On 13th March of 2009, Chhatra League goons murdered Rajshahi University unit Chhatrashibir secretary Sharifuzzaman Nomani. From 2009 to 2016, around 50 party men and general students have been murdered in over 500 incidents of BCL factional clashes.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina often advised the students to get more accustomed to books, notes and pens. But ironically her own student organizations are well equipped with revolver, pistols, Chapati, Ramda and other domestic lethal weapons and they are used to attack the opponents frequently. Political opponents, teachers, public university’s vice chancellors, general people, journalists, police and administrative officials are becoming the victim of the torture and merciless attack of the Chhatra league cadres. We repeatedly urged the government, particularly the Prime Minister to restrain the ill activities of the ruling party’s student organization. But they did not pay heed to our call. This is why the Chhatra League goons become more reckless and continue their subversive activities. Do restrain the misdeeds of Chhatra League and save the nation and the countrymen, immediately. 
The countrymen are severely shocked at the incident of brutal and barbaric attack of the BCL leader Badrul Alam upon Sylhet Collehe student Khadiza Akhter Nargis. The people of the country, particularly of the Sylhet region are highly aggrieved and agitated for this heinous incident. I am calling upon the concerned authorities to ensure exemplary punishment of the BCL goon Badrul Alam and also praying to Almighty Allah for the recovery and long life of Khadiza Akhter Nargis.”