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Acting Secretary General urges government to stop massive arrest drive and extra judicial killings; puts stress on national unity
Friday, 17th June, 2016

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 17th June, 2016 protesting the nationwide ongoing arrest drive and the extra judicial killings in the name of so called crossfire.

“The government is continuing its massive arrest drive across the country against the opposition activists particularly the leaders and workers of Jamaat-e-Islami and Chhatrashibir ignoring the High Court directives in this holy month of Ramadan and causing sufferings to the Muslims in fasting. On the other side, by killing the citizens in the name of gunfight and crossfire, the government is violating the law, constitution and the human rights.

The government is not following law and rules while conducting the arrest drive and frequently defying the high court directives. Jamaat-Shibir and the opposition activists are being arrested without any warrant and specific allegation by the plain cloth dressed people. Besides, the government is violating the human rights severely by killing the people extra judicially.

According to the information of human rights organization ‘Aain O Salish Kendra’, the law enforcers had killed 192 people in the name of crossfire and gunfight in 2015. Just in past one month, over 12 people have been killed extra judicially.

A police high official has recently ordered the member of the Village Protection Committee to beat the terrorists till death if they are found. By giving such unlawful order, the law enforcing members are causing more deterioration to the law and order situation.

If there is any specific allegation against an individual, he must be produced before the court. The court may punish him based on witnesses and testimony if his crimes are proved. But an unlawful task like crossfire cannot be continued in a civilized democratic country. The countrymen are really concerned and worried, towards which directions; this trend of crossfire would take the nation? Unlawful tasks like crossfire or extra judicial killings must be stopped immediately.

The government is plotting conspiracy to depoliticize the nation by the strategy of arrest drive and so called crossfire. The law and order cannot be improved and peace can never be restored in the country by imprisoning the dissidents and the general masses or by any illegitimate acts like crossfire.  To improve the law and order situation, national unity must be formed. In addition, democracy, rule of law also must be ensured to secure peace and tranquility. The government should take this initiative.

In this backdrop, I am calling upon the concerned authorities to stop massive arrest drive and crossfire and to take effective measures to form national unity immediately.