Wednesday, 01st April, 2020
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Dr. Taher urges Professor Emajuddin Ahmed to withdraw his statement about Jamaat-e-Islami
Tuesday, 02nd August, 2016

Central Executive Committee member of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Dr. Syed Abdullah Mohammad Taher has issued the following statement on 2nd August, 2016  expressing deep wonder, resentment and dissatisfaction over an address of Professor Dr. Emajuddin Ahmed and urging him too withdraw his comment which he has made targeting Jammat-e-Islami while addressing a discussion of a political party held at the national press club today.

During a critical juncture of the nation, the 4 party alliances had been formed in order to uphold democracy, human rights, religious values, independence and sovereignty. Later it has been transformed into 20 party alliances during the regime of the present tyrannical government. When the dictator authority is conducting worst ever repression and torture against the general masses, particularly against the leaders and activists of the 20 party alliances, when country's democracy,  freedom and sovereignty are under severe threat and when each and every concerned citizen are feeling the necessity of strengthening the 20 party alliances, at that time for which ill intention and to meet what purpose, Professor Emajuddin Ahmed is continuously making such wrongful,  confusing and ill motivated address, it has become the burning question to the countrymen.

With due respect to Professor Emajuddin Ahmed, I want to say clearly that 20 party alliances did not appoint him as the spokesman of the alliance.  He has no right to say anything about this alliance. What is talking about is completely beyond his jurisdiction and authority. He must withdraw his unjust statement immediately. Otherwise the people would start thinking that Professor Emajuddin Ahmed is making such address as a part of his hide and seek strategy to meet the agenda or ill purposes of some vested quarter.

Under the circumstances, I am urging Dr. Emajuddin Ahmed to stop making such unjust, unexpected,  confusing and ill intentional comments. I am also calling upon him to withdraw his views and speeches centering Jamaat-e-Islami.