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Acting Secretary General criticizes Prime Minister for her biased attitude; calls to take proper steps to form national unity
Monday, 18th July, 2016

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 18th July, 2016 protesting the comment of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as she said in a press conference at her official residence ‘Ganabhaban’ on 17th July that ‘A national unity has been created already.’

“Instead of creating a national unity, the Prime Minister has pushed the nation towards division by continuing the politics of blame game. When the concerned people from home and abroad, the intellectuals and the prominent organizations are repeatedly calling for a national unity, in such a moment, such boastful comment of the Prime Minister has disappointed the nation. We became surprised to see her arrogant speeches. Her statement is really regrettable.

Replying to a question of the journalists, she claimed national unity already has been formed. If she means the unity of Awami League led 14 party alliances as the national unity then it is fine. But even an ordinary citizen also can understand that such alliance can never be termed as the national unity. If the Prime Minister could call for a unity among all sections and quarters irrespective of political differences, only then a national unity would be formed. But call for national unity is far way, actually she is continuing the blame game politics.

When terrorism has turned into a national disaster, no citizen is in comfortable zone, when the entire nation is in panic, under such a critical circumstance, the Prime Minister has pushed the nation towards severe uncertainty by ignoring the call of the political parties and the public expectation. In the name of curbing militancy, the government is staging drama to kill the opposition leaders and activists relentlessly. Many opposition men became abducted. While in many occasions, they are torturing the detainees brutally to manage false confessional statement. All these activities are nothing but strategies to hide the real criminals and to indulge the miscreants. To make the nation free from this disastrous terrorism, the Prime Minister must come out from her one-sided and biased political attitudes.

This is why; we think that the Prime Minister’s claim that ‘already a national unity has been formed’ is unjustified and meaningless. We would like to request the Prime Minister once again to go beyond partisan approaches and to undertake effective measures to form a national unity comprising the ruling party, opposition parties, religious leaders and all the concerned quarters irrespective of their political view and affiliation.”