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Attack on Sholakia Eid prayers, cops among 4 killed; Acting Secretary General expresses concern
Thursday, 07th July, 2016

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 7th July, 2016 expressing deep concern as four people, including two policemen killed and several other policemen and general civilians became injured in the attack and fire shootout of the miscreants near Sholakia Eidgah ground where hundreds of thousands had gathered for Eid congregation this morning.


“We are deeply shocked, saddened and worried at the terrible attack in Sholakia just within days after the gruesome attack in Gulshan restaurant. This incident has taken place when the people were about to start prayers. We have no word to condemn such brutal attack incident. The countrymen became panic witnessing one after another horrible attacks. All the political corners, concerned personnel, media and important agencies are considering the current situation as national disaster. It is the inevitable requirement of the moment to work unitedly for facing the prevailing situation beyond the political vengeance, chaos and partisan activities. The government must call for national unity avoiding the culture of blame game. The nation is no more interested to see any more division. Any failure of the government in this regard, would push the nation towards deep uncertainty. The nation will never tolerate the failure of the government. Let us unite together against terrorism to get rid of politics of blaming.


I am expressing deep condolence for the people who have killed in the attack incident of Sholakia. I am extending deep sympathy to the families and relatives of the dead and injured victims and also urging the concerned authorities to take proper initiatives to ensure the medical treatment of the injured people.”