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Ikhwanul Muslimun condemns unjust death penalty of Maulana Nizami
Saturday, 07th May, 2016
World renowned organization for Islamic movement, Al Ikhwanul Muslimun has issued a statement condemning the unjust death penalty of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami. The statement, titled ‘The martyrs for upholding truth, justice and freedom’ has been issued by organization’s spokesman Dr. Talat Fahmi.
 Al Ikhwanul Muslimun considers this death penalty as an extreme political decision. In the statement, they further claimed, the decision of upholding death penalty of Maulana Nizami and targeting other leaders of his party is nothing but a political arrogance which has no relevance with justice. Jamaat always practices a balanced and medium approach. They had not been involved with unlawful or subversive activities ever.
The case filed against the Jamaat Ameer is completely false. Earlier, 3 other leaders including party’s Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid and two assistant Secretary General namely Abdul Quader Molla and Mohammad Kamaruzzaman had been executed. Besides, hundreds of leaders and activists have become martyr and many more are still behind the bar. These incidents substantiate that the incumbent regime of Bangladesh, in accomplice with the regional power factors, have targeted Islamic organizations and they want to eliminate these Islamic forces from the scene as a part of the Zionist-American plot to wipe out Islam across the world.
If the current regimes accusation against the Jamaat leaders about their criminal offence during the liberation war are true, then why they (ruling forces) had been kept silent for so many years, particularly when they became the ministers of the Bangladesh government. Actually these are nothing but a part of the worldwide conspiracy against the Islamic movement and under this backdrop, Al Ikhwanul Muslimun is expressing solidarity with the Bangladesh Jamaat leaders and condemns this unjust death penalty of Maulana Nizami. We hope and believe that the conspiracy of the fascist authority will be unsuccessful. 

source: http://www.egyptwindow.net/International_News/11386/Default.aspx