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Acting Secretary General calls for national unity to stop secret killings; urges policemen to stop public harassment in Ramadan
Saturday, 11th June, 2016

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 11th June, 2016 calling to form a national unity to tackle the issue of militancy and terrorism and simultaneously condemning the arrest of the Jamaat-e-Islami and the opposition activists in the name of combing drive which is being conducted now to arrest the militants and the terrorists.

“Bangladesh is witnessing one after one heinous murder in recent times. People of different classes and faiths including the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, women and men are becoming the victim of secret killing. But till now, not a single occurrence has been investigated and tried properly. 

Immediate after a murder takes place, the Prime Minister, her cabinet members, ruling Awami League leaders and the high ups of the law enforcement bodies started blaming the opposition, particularly Jamaat-e-Islami. Such biased comment and blame game tactics is hampering the investigation process. At the same time, due to such propaganda, the real criminals are getting the opportunity to go in hideout. They also become inspired to commit the same offence again.

We have condemned every single recent murder incident and demanded the punishment of the killers. But the government did not take any effective measures in this regard. But it is the prime responsibility of the government to protect citizen’s life and property. The countrymen want to know, why the government is so reluctant to identify and punish the real killers. Though huge repercussion has been created in home and abroad centering the recent sensitive murders of Bangladesh including the murder of journalist couple Shagor-Runi, Tonu murder in Comilla, several foreign national’s killing and the murder incidents of some bloggers and religious monks, Imam and saints but none of the aforesaid incidents have been tried yet. The victim families are also worried about the fate of these incidents.

The incumbent Awami League government is using the law enforcers like their party cadres. They do not let the opposition to hold any peaceful programs even. Even the government is suspending the religious and social programs like the Iftar party in the current holy month of Ramadan. In a democratic context, the opposition is a part of the government. But the current authority is trying to eliminate the opposition through torture and repression in order to launch a one party rule.  It is apparent that the government is adamant to establish one party rule by murdering democracy.

The autocratic initiative of the government is creating sluggishness in national economy. The image of Bangladesh is severely being damaged in the outer world. The balance of politics is being foiled as the real opposition force has been subdued completely. The government, in one side is imprisoning the political leaders and activists, while on the other side; they are indulging the real criminals. If the government really wants to stop secret killing, they should form a national unity instead of dividing the nation. The government should be proactive to take such initiative.

The way, the law enforcers have started harassing the general people to expand their arrest business, it is genuinely causing sufferings to the innocent and honest quarter of the society. From last 7th June to 10th June, the law enforcers have killed 10 people in the name of gunfight, which are real extra judicial killings. The law enforcers in earlier occasions also had arrested many general people and the opposition men from their houses and subsequently murdered them in the name of crossfire. The countrymen want immediate halt to such extra judicial and the ongoing secret killings.

The citizens want to perform fasting during the holy month of Ramadan peacefully. But the general masses are in deep fear due to ongoing massive arrest drive of the police forces. So once again I am calling for national unity in resisting violence and terrorism. Police should stop harassment so that the pious people can observe the rituals in this holy month of Ramadan. We are also calling upon the countrymen to raise voice against the torture and oppression of the government.”