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Jamaat secured outstanding results in the UP polls despite government’s irregularities; Acting Secretary General appreciates
Sunday, 05th June, 2016

The incumbent government has conducted unprecedented anarchy and terrorism in the recently held 6 phases of union council which caused not only casualties but also destroyed the entire electoral system. Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 5th June, 2016 condemning the tyrannical role of the government.

The union council polls have taken place in 6 phases across the country. Exceeding all the previous records, 119 people have been killed in this election. Thousands of people became injured and crippled. The houses and establishments of the dissidents also have been vandalized. Most of the casualties have taken place due to the violence between the ruling party candidate’s supporters and the supporters of the rival candidate. The election commission has huge constitutional powers to resist such situation and but they unfortunately they did not apply that.

The role of the electoral officials and the law enforcers are questionable entirely. Instead of holding a free, fair and credible election, the subservient election commission has materialized the intention of the government. Despite that, chief election commissioner has certified this election as fair shamelessly. A man with good conscience cannot deliver such false and concocted statement. So it is apparent before the nation that fair and credible election is not possible under the administration of the present election commission.

Many of the ruling party cadres have forced the opposition candidates to withdraw their candidacy by giving threat and intimidation. Some of the opposition have been arrested and sent to jail unlawfully. Particularly, the Jamaat backed candidates were not allowed to move even. As a result, huge number of ruling party candidates won uncontested which is unprecedented.

Following the declaration of the election schedule, law enforcement agencies have carried severe repression and torture against the Jamaat-Shibir men. Conseuquently, Jamaat backed candidates and their supporters could not seek votes properly. During the election, huge irregularities took place including capturing the poll centers, forcing opposition polling agents out of the centers, threatening voters and arresting the opposition men which have destroyed the electoral environment just to secure favor of the ruling party.

Brutal attacks have been carried out against Jamaat and Islami Chhatrashibir. In the name of war crimes trial, Jamaat Ameer Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami and 3 other top leaders have been executed already. The government throughout these killings actually adopted a plan to eliminate Jamaat-e-Islami. Many potential leaders became victim of the extra judicial killing and several of them became crippled forever. But even after all these repressions, the tyrannical regime failed to make the Jamaat people surrendered before its dominance. The public confidence and trust upon Jamaat-e-Islami has increased keeping pace with the increasing repression of the government.

As the election has been held amid unprecedented irregularities and violence, so Jamaat backed candidates are not supposed to achieve victory at all. But with grace of Almighty Allah and mass support, the terrorists became compelled to move back. Amidst these huge terrorism and violence, 54 Jamaat backed chairmen candidates and 1.011 members became winner whilst 271 women attained victory in the reserved seats. I am expressing my deep gratitude to Almighty Allah for such outstanding result. This is the victory of the common people. If the general masses are given liberty to cast as per their own choice, then the government would get a disastrous message. With this election, the people sent a clear message to the government and that is they did not accept and will not accept torture and repression against Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatrashibir.

This oppressor regime became opponent of the people for their misrule and suppression. The countrymen have no trust upon them. So the government did not allow holding fair election for their fear of being rejected massively. Despite the government’s torture, the people always took stand by the side of Jamaat-e-Islami and we are deeply grateful for that move. We are also hopeful about the assistance and support of the countrymen in our upcoming movement for restoring democracy in the country.