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Acting Secretary General condemns unprecedented irregularities in the 6th phase of union council elections
Saturday, 04th June, 2016

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 4th June, 2016 protesting the 6th and final phase of union council election that has taken place today in 700 unions amid massive irregularities including fake voting, violence and capturing polling centers.

“The irregularities like terrorism, violence, murder, fake voting, breeching electoral rules or grabbing poll centers which had happened in UP elections this year is unprecedented. The indiscretions of this year’s election have exceeded all the past records of electoral wrongdoings.

In the last 5 phases of UP elections, 113 people had been killed and over 8 thousands became injured. On last 3rd June, one man had been killed in Norai and another killed in Chittagong during election related violence. On 4th June, similar violence killed a man in Feni district’s Shonagazi upazila, one in Goforgaon of the Mymensing district and another killed in Noakhali. Besides, hundreds of people became injured. On 3rd June, even before a day of election, ruling party goons captured the poll center in Muradnogor upazila of the Comilla district and the opposition men were not allowed to make entry into the center subsequently. Hargram union Jamaat leader under Poba upazila of the Rajshahi district Delwar Hossain was arrested just a day before election and he has been deprived from the rights of casting votes. The ruling party cadres have seized the presiding officer on gun point in Ashuganj upazila of the Brahmanbaria district and hijacked ballot papers. The opposition candidate has boycotted election protesting the poll center capturing incidents by the ruling party terrorists. The Awami hooligans have forced the opposition candidate’s polling agents out of the centers and casted fake votes for their boat symbol. The ruling party miscreants have tied the opposition’s chairman candidate and casted fake votes openly. Same thing happened in Sikdar Mallick union of the Pirojpur Sadar upazila. A Chhatra League cadre was arrested along with arms in Satkania of Chittagong. 97 percent turnover is shown in a poll center of Comilla district’s Muradnogor Upazila by dint of fake votes.

4 chairmen candidates in Pabna Sadar and Chatmohor Upazila have boycotted polls in line with the allegation of violence. Another 3 candidates boycotted polls in Jhinaidah district. 6 candidates rejected polls in Comilla Sadar area. These incidents proved that the union council elections of this year were not free and fair.

The misdeeds of the present government and its subservient election commission substantiated that fair and credible election is not possible during their tenure.

The incumbent government and its obedient election commission have destroyed the base of democracy and electoral system by holding a mockery in the name of election. They have ruined public perception and interest about the electoral process. By holding this grassroots level election with party symbol, the authority has provided the state terrorism and party violence at the doorsteps of the people.

I am urging the concerned authorities to hold re-election in those union councils which witnessed unprecedented irregularities during the union council election this year.