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Price of essential commodities increased alarmingly ahead of Ramadan; Acting Secretary General expresses concern
Thursday, 02nd June, 2016
Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 2nd June, 2016 expressing deep concern over the massive price hike of the essential commodities.

“I am expressing deep concern as the price of all the essential food items including wheat, flour, lentils, sugar, fishes, meats, oil, onions and garlic have increased even before the holy month of Ramadan begins. 

Colluding with the government, a vested quarter of traders and businessmen have increased the price of the essential commodities abnormally. Due to such massive price hike, the sufferings of the common people and low income people know no bounds. Just a week before, lentil per kilogram was sold at 120 taka and now it becomes 150 taka per kilogram. Bengal gram was sold 90/95 taka per kilogram and now it is 120 taka. Beef was sold per kilogram at 400 taka and now it becomes 450 taka, chicken was sold per kilogram at 140 taka and now it turns 180 taka. Sugar was sold a week ago at 55 taka per kilogram and now it is 65 taka. Price of different types of fishes also increased 50/60 taka per kilogram. It is apprehended that the price of such common commodities would be increased again along with the announcement of the budget today.

There is no logical reason behind such abnormal price hike. The businessmen have increased the price intentionally just to gain more profits. This is nothing but an ill collusion of the government and the concerned traders.

It is the duty of the government to monitor the market strictly in order to keep the price of the essential commodities under the common’s reach. The failure of the government in monitoring the market situation has caused repeated price hike. The government has to take the liabilities.

I am calling upon the concerned authorities to keep the commodity prices under the control of the common men so that they perform fasting properly during the upcoming month of Ramadan.”