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Lawer’s allege- Sultana Kamal is witness having dishonest political aim After liberation war from total 50 cases of Intellectual massacre the name Golam Ajam was not found in any case
Friday, 14 September 2012
  After the great liberation war of 1971 there were 50 cases on Intellectual massacre but the name Golam Ajam, The fighter of language movement & former Ameer of Bangladesh Jmaat -e- Islami, was not found in the list of any cases. If he was master mind then he must have been alleged of order. Acknowledging that there was not the name of Golam Ajam the witness Sultana Kamal said, each case was different incidence. There is no connection to the case of my giving evidence. The lawyer of Prof. Golam Ajam, Advocate Mizanul Islam alleged to journalists that Sultana Kamal has given evidence having dishonest political aim. She also confessed in cross examination that the documents of intellectual massacre, after freedom of Mirpur, was recovered from a Ex-Minister’s house. Though there not the name in tribunal Advocate Mizanul Islam said that was Khan A Sobur.
The third witness of Government site Sultana Kamal, former chief Adviser of  caretaker government & executive director of Ain o Salish Kendro, against Golam Ajam , so called alleged for crime against humanity of 1971, at the time of her cross examination for 2nd day these information reveals.  Today on Thursday, it will also be continued. In cross examination Advocate Mizanul Islam was associated with Advocate Monjur Ahmed, Barrister Imran Siddik, and Barrister Tanvir Al-Amin etc. In the morning of yesterday the cross examination of Sultana Kamal of  Internatiional crime tribunal-1, comprised by   Juatice Nizamul Haque Nasim, Justice Jahangir Hossain and justice Anwarul Haque, stretches from 11 am to 1.00pm. At the time of cross examination Advocate Mizanul Islam had to face numerous difficulties from the lawyers of Govt. Site. As a result the cross examination was delayed. Time was wasted in quarreling for several times. Moreover, the witness wasted time by not giving straight answer of questions and unnecessary explanations. Yesterday Ranju Chackraborti, Husband of Sultana Kamal, was present as usual in the room.
Yesterday’s (Wednesday) cross examination of Sultana Kamal for 2nd days has been described below:
Q: Have you given the name of victim people & family by the operation of Military force along with Peace Committee to investigators?
A: no
Q: Haven’t you given the name of commander or leader of these operations to investigators?
A: no
Q: Haven’t you given the date of operations & the name of areas where these operations were committed to Investigators?
A: No. I’ve not given information to IO alike because these incidences were committed every where. These incidences were like the other incidence. I expect the Investigators will reveal this through investigation. So, I’ve not given information alike.
Q: Where & When the plan of Intellectual Massacre was taken?
A: It’s not possible to say. Cause people don’t have knowledge of secret killings like this. Motiur Rahman Nijami was the chief of AL BADAR BAHINI. He was the front leader of JAMAAT. Since the Golam Azam was the chief of JAMAAT, getting his permission and approval these killings were committed.
Q: which meeting of JAMAAT E ISLAMI approved the intellectual killing?
A: It’s impossible to say.
Q: Do you have any absolute evidence of the day when Golam Azam approved Intellectual killings?
A: there is nowhere having such evidence or information.
Q: Do you have any absolute information of approval of intellectual killings by him at all?
A: there is no such evidence. But it is impossible to commit such incidence by any personnel of his party with out his approval. Besides it is not seen that he has taken any measure of punishment for this incidence. Hence accordingly all responsibilities go to its leader 
Q: are RAJAKER, ALBADAR, AL-SAMS and Peace committee the sub-organization of JAMAAT E ISLAMI?
A: In accordance with the structure these BAHINI or committee are not to be assumed as Sub organization of JAMAAT. But this party has great influence on the establishment and activities of these organizations.
Q: did any member of JAMAAT was the leader or secretariat member of Peace committee?
A: In this regard I have no clear idea. But they have known from Golam Azam’s mouth through newspapers about activities and structure. He also leaded the procession of Peace committee.
Q: have you given any cuttings of news from newspaper to investigator in which Golam Azam said to establish Peace committee?
A: cutting of 5th and 7th April from PURBADESH & DOINEEK AZAD newspaper were submitted
Q: the procession lead by Golam Azam you have mentioned before is there any the founding leader or secretariat member of Peace committee?
A: I can not say because I didn’t know them.
Q: Had though freedom been gained on 16 December but Mirpur got released on 31 January, 1972?
A: having gained independent from Pakistan, a portion of Mirpur and many places with in country had gotten free in later gradually but accurate date, I could not recall.
Q: Has many documents been found concerning intellectual killing in the house of ex-minister of Pakistan according to a non-Bangali afterwards of released Mirpur area?
A: It is authentic one but from whose house those documents have been rescued, not known to me.
Q: Could you remember Professor Monir Chowdhory has asserted on the part of integrality and utility of Pakistan?
A: He has also signed with other in description. This is known to me.
Q: Professor Golam Azam had not present in country during incident of intellectual killing even not later of 22 December of 1971?
A: So far I Knew, Azam had left for Pakistan in order to meet with Yahyea Khan on 1st December and took part in a press conference. For this reason, he was not present in this country.
Q: Had King Tridib Roy been elected as MNA in 1971 from Buddhist area where they were major portion?
A: Yes.
Q: Bishoddoh Anondh Mohathera was the Buddhist religious saint?
A: Yes.
Q: Those two people had acted for Pakistan in respect of integrality and utility?
A: Yes.
   Q: Are you eye witness of this procession or known from reading newspaper?
A: known from newspaper
Q: Is this news of newspaper was with picture or not?
A: I only read the news
Q: at the time of reading did you get only the name of Golam Azam or you read the total news?
A: I am not used to newspaper only for searching his name.
Q: In that news was any name of others besides Golam Azam?
A: At this moment I can’t remember. Other’s name may have.
Q: Did Golam Azam have solo-power to postpone or stop the activities of Peace committee?
A: It’s not known to me
Q:  do you have any evidence of accusation of any crime committed by a member of Peace committee had brought to Golam Azam for judgment?
A: no
Q: Did Professor GOlam Azam have the power to axe any member of central SANTI committee?
A: It’s not known to me
Q: Did professor .Golam Azam had the power of axe or punish any member of RAJAKER, ALBADAR, AL-SAMS BAHINI?
A: It’s not known to me
Q:  At the time of Bongobondhu’s regime there sued 50 cases for intellectual killings.
A: there were many, I can’t say the numbers
Q: the killings of Shodullah Kaiser, Munir Chowdhory and Dr. Alim Chowdhory had issued cases differently
A: yes.