Friday, 14th August, 2020
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Deposition of seventh witness: The persons of Pak Army killed people by shooting I saw Abdul Kader Mullah standing by carrying rifle in hands
Tuesday, 14 August 2012
Seventh Witness Abdul Majid Palloan giving deposition against Assistant Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Abdula Kader Mullh who was detained for the so called crimes against humanity said, “I saw Paki army killing the mass people in Gatarchar area on November 25, 1971 and a person wearing Panjabi named Abdul Kader Mullah who stood there keeping rifle in his hands. I did not see him to kill any body”.

Abdul Majid Palloan gave deposition in the Tribunal-2 presided over by Chairman ATM Fazle Kabir and cross-examination of him was adjourned till next August 12 by putting two questions. Abdul Majid Palloan was cross-examined by defence teamlawyer Advocate Abdus Sobhan Toroftar.

Description of the deposition:
“I am Abdul Majid Palloan. My age is about 55 years”, Witness started. Later on, prosecution Mohammad Ali wanted to know who lived in witness’s village. Witness said, “We Hindus and Muslims were living together in the village before liberation. 1970-71, most of the people except some were supporters of Awami League before liberation. Name of my village was Ghatarchar which is under the Kerani Gonj thana”.

Prosecution wanted to know how and when the incidence was occurred for giving what deposition you did come. Witness said, “My village was constituted by five mohallas. I heard the sound of shooting on November 25, 1971 in the morning. I went to Nama after getting out from sleeping where there was firing everywhere and the sound of shooting came from the north side. Later on I went to north side and stopped in the field of Ghatarchar school. At that time, there was beard and I hid back side of a tree. I saw the Pak Army killed the mass people and several panjabi wearing people were with such Pak Army and among such Punjabi wearing people Abdul Kader Mullah was one of them. Kader Mullah had rifle and he also shot. From morning to 11 am such shooting and killing continued. At about 11 am Abdul kader Mullah left the place. After their leaving, I called the mass people and tried to identify the dead body and about sixty people (Hindu-Muslim) were killed there. After identification of dead body, Kerani gonj Thana commander Mujaffar Ahmed Khan came there and I gave the detailed description of the fact. Abdul Kader Mullah conducted meeting in the home of Zeynal Doctor before such incidence and my home is ⅔ home north to Zeynal Doctor’s home. After leaving the place, after 11 am I came to know that such short and panjabi waring person was Abdul kader Mullah. And he is accused Abdul Kader Mullah. I gave the deposition to IO”.
Later on Tribunal accepted the application of defence team which had been submitted to accept the deposition of the witness which part had not been recorded earlier. In that deposition witness said, “There were several bourka weraing persons with Abdul kader Mullah so that they could not be identified”
After deposition the witness was cross-examined and such cross-examination was adjourned keeping such cross-examination un-ended.
Question: What is you educational qualification?
Answer: I studied till class v.
Question: Had you submitted any certificate or document in the Tribunal as to your study?
Answer: No. no certificate or document had I submitted.