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An order to end cross-examination to IO within Wednesday: Drawing out of various thrilling information of fabricate allegation against Sydee.
Tuesday, 07 August 2012
       International Crimes Tribunal-1 has issued an order to end up the cross-examination of IO Halal Uddin of the litigation field against Mawlana Delwar Hossin Sydee, Naebi Amir of Jamaat Islam and a famous world-recognized Quran illustrator, within Wednesday for so called involvement in various crimes against humanity during liberation war in 1971. Though, the end of examination to IO was to complete within yesterday but not yet to have completed its worth-mentioning examination in spite of hurrying of defence team. defance lawyer Advocate Mijanul Islam said to tribunal not cite any bad example of confining time limit. I will try to complete this cross-examination within next week to Investigation officer. Let this responsibility yield up to mine. Chairman of this tribunal said, huge discussion has been written down in distinguished daily paper. If we don’t issue any order about this than it would be different impression. Nevertheless, trail proceeding of the world is going on time framing. We want to establish this system in our country. If we can establish this time farming than it would fall upon sever impact upon our judiciary system. Though Barrister Abdur Razzak opposed to this time framing but tribunal has not accepted his submission. Razzak also said the responsibility will be grater if the matter of ending examination lies upon Advocate Mijanul Islam within specific time. But tribunal has issued an order to finish cross-examination within 8th August with out considering any argument by defance team. Barrister Abdur Razzak afterwards said to journalists, there has a great possibility to be injured and could be hunt of injustice. But tribunal has further said in orally if important examination be left that would be under consideration. The defance team has cross-examined to IO Halal Uddin from very commencement of its proceedings 10.30 AM to 3PM rather half an hour for prayer of Zohar on yesterday Thursday. Advocate Mizanul Islam was assisted by advocate Manjur Ahmed Anshari and Barrister Tanbir-Al-Amin. It has been dug out throughout the whole day examination that acceptance of 15 witnesses’ deposition in tribunal has taken by prosecution team fraudulently which actually taken by Investigation officer. Advocate Mijanul Islam has presented all documents during frequent examination to Investigation officer concerning the killing of Ibrahim Kottry. We found in his wife’s case concerning Ibrahim Kottry, Pakistan Army had killed kidnapping him with the assistance of Razzakar from his father-in-law house at the same time she never included the name of Allama Delwar Hossin Sydee into 13 accused. Whereas in present allegation has drown that Pakistan Army had caught him from the house of Manik Pashari in Chitlia village on 8th May 1971 with the help of Razzakar and barbarously killed him on Parerhat Bridge. The prosecution has not produced his wife Mamtaz Begum and sons before tribunal in phobia of disclosing the real incident. Though his wife Shetara Begum cited as witness but not produced her before tribunal for this reason, IO has wrongfully submitted her deposition in written form before tribunal rather presenting her. Thereafter there is full of numerous fictitious information has written down. Trial is going on against world-recognized illustrator of Quran Mowlana Deldar Hossin sydee on the basis of fraudulent and forgery. Mawlana Delwar Hossin Sydee has also absence during continuance of this trail. Tribunal Chairman said to Hyder Ali, one of the prosecution lawyers, to look after the information about health condition of Sydee in very beginning of its proceeding and also said to him that accused Sydee whether is now so apt to be produced before tribunal or not. Justice Anwarul Hoq was there from very beginning of processing but another Justice AKM Zahir came to tribunal about 11 o’clock. He is lately coming to tribunal about one or half an hour later due to physical illness.
                   Following cross-examination to IO Helal Uddin held on yesterday.

Q: Has daughter of Aiyub Ali Howlader informed you when and who had threatened her father?
A: She told me that two people threatened her father coming to their home.
Q: Has she not given those two people?
A: She could not tell their name. I had heard through investigation and to other witnesses than collected their address.
Q: Tell me those two names?
A: I could not recall.
Q: When have first you gotten their name?
A: I could not prescribe accurate date and time.
Q: Have you yourself done their investigation?
A: Yes.
Q: From whom you have taken any types of assistance in police administration during investigation?
A: I have not taken any types of assistance from anyone.
Q: Have you not filed any petition in police station to stand against them?
A: I have alleged to OC and ASP of police station later I filed an application to investigation team to handle all necessity.
Q: Have you not taken any information whether local police took any action against them?
A: Yes, I have not taken any information.
Q: Have you submitted any allegation to tribunal of being barred the trail by them?
A: I have no power such.
Q: you have concealed their name owing to not found such persons?
A: that is not authentic one.
Q: Allegation has not accepted in local Thaana due to not holding gist above this subject or no petition or no report of prosecution filed in order to trail those two people?
A: It is not correct.
Q: Have you insisted on delivering the deposition of Aiyub Ali to you where not mention about 3 raped sister of Gourangh, oppression on Vanoshaha, conversion of Hindu into Muslim, damaged to Mahbubul Alam Howlader, plundering in Hindu Para in Omedpur. Killing of Bisha Bali?
A: Yes, All are correct.
Q: Have you not recorded the deposition of Mahbubul Alam Howlader?
A: Yes, I have not recorded his deposition.
Q: You and prosecution team have emphasized to deposit him as you wanted?
A: it is not authentic.
Q: you have not produced Aiyub Ali only because not agreed to your opinion?
A: It is not correct.
Q: when have you collected the deposition of witness Usha Rani?
A: On 20/08/2010.
Q: Where have you taken her deposition?
A: She came in house of Mahbub with her son in Tanrakhali than I took her deposition.
Q: Malaker was actually Karmakar?
A: He has generally known as Malakar.
Q: Where had actually been the house of Harolal Malakar in 1971?
A: At the end North-West side of Karmakar Patti in Parerhat but still now there has existed his house.
Q: you have gotten information of him being ill?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you first gotten information of his illness?
A: I did not know before his deposition.
Q: What was the job of Harolal Malakar?
A: He run business but what business I could actually not say.
Q: where had he dialed in?
A: In Parerhat.
Q: When had the wedding ceremony happened between Horalal Malakar and Usha Rani Malakar?
A: I could not say.
Q: Had the father house of Harolal Malakar been in Parerhat Bazzar?
A: Not known to me.
Q: How many brother-sister of harolal Malaker?
A: He has no brother and sister.
Q: How many children are of Harolal Malaker?
A: He has son and daughter.
Q: when have you gone to house of Usha Rani Malaker during investigation?
A: I went there on 20/08/2010.
Q: What time have you gone there on that day?
A: I could not specifically mention but near about 5 o’clock.
Q: Who is the son of Usha Rani malaker?
A: Uttam Kumar.
Q: what is the job of him?
A: He is serving in a shop.
Q: Is his daughter living in that house?
A: I have observed her in that house.
Q: How old was the son and daughter of Usha Rani?
A: Uttam is about 48 and Zarna is 45 years old.
Q: Have you not taken any deposition of Uttam Kumar?
A: No, I have not taken any deposition of him.
Q: Have you not captured her image when Usha Rani Malakar came in Tangrakhali?
A: No.
Q: Have you not taken any image during talking with her?
A: No, I have not taken her image.
Q: You have taken her image in sleeping?
A: No, I took it when he was in lying.
Q: Have you not found her in sitting?
A: No, I did not find.
 News telecast showing the image of Usha Rani Malaker in Degantho TV.
Q: Is she Usha Rani Malakar?
A: That I could not say.
Q: have you submitted the deposition of her with picture?
A: Yes.
Shown the similarity between images in delivered book to tribunal and displayed in big screen than questioning to him
Q: Have you not collected her colored picture?
A: Yes,
Q: Could you tell us between two pictures?
A: I have submitted to tribunal which picture I took all the same can promise to that picture but I could hardly see the similarity between displayed in Digontho TV and submitted copy to tribunal. I could not attest the picture of Digontho TV because of not taken by me.
Q: whether you have informed going to Ferouzpur about seizing of 14 people and killing in deposition of Usha Rani Malakar before or after?
A: I have gotten informed about this in that day.
Q: Have you gone to pastoral area of Usha Rani on 19/08/2010?
A: Yes.
Q: Has any blacksmith shop of Uttam Kumar in blacksmith area?
A: I have not taken any information whether he has a shop or not but I got information he serves in a shop.
Q: Have you gone to his working palace later of 19/08/2010?
A: I have never gone to his working place any time.
Q: Have you not gotten any news of looting and combusting by Pakistan Army in blacksmith area when you were in Parerhat Bazar?
A: No.
Q: Who have given you the information concerning numerous crimes happened in blacksmith area during 1971?
A: Many of them have informed me including Ruhul Amin Nabin and Mahbubul Alam Howlader.
Q: Have you not recorded the deposition of anyone else in blacksmith area?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you taken any deposition on that day?
A: Yes, I have taken.
Q: To whom you have deposited?
A: Horipad Shaha (58) and Kala Karmakar (50).
Q: Have you asked them about those 14 people?
A: Yes, I have asked them.
Q: Kala Karmakar (blacksmith) said he is about 50, what is the name of his father?
A: I have not known.
Q: What is the name of Harolal Malakar?
A: I have not known.
Q: Whether Kala Karmakar (blacksmith) is elder brother of Harolal Malaker?
A: I do not know.
Q: Have you not gone to her house to summon in order to produce her before tribunal?
A:  It is not correct.
Q: When have you gone there?
A: I could not recall the accurate date.
Q: Has Usha Rani Malakar not given any deposition to you?
A: It is not correct.
Q: you have produced a picture of Usha Rani Malakar which was in sleeping?
A: It is not correct.
Q: Usha Rani Malakar was than able to move and now as well?
A: It is not correct. When I went to take her, she could than not move from A to B.
Q: Have you submitted any doctor certificate no the effect of being Usha Rani ill?
A: No.
Q: When and where have you first met with witness Shahidul Islam Khan alias Salim?
A: I have met with him in his house on 18/08/2010.
Q: When, prior to 12 o’clock or later?
A: on morning 10 o’clock.
Q: Have you recorded his deposition in that prior to or not?
A: I have deposited in primarily but recorded in later. I was there up to 6 PM.
Q: What is he actually doing?
A: he dialed in fish.
Q: Have you gone to his business place?
A: Yes, I have gone there because it was too very near to his house.
Q: Who have you gotten companied when you went in his house?
A: There were many people including witness Mahbubul Alam Howlader and Gulam Mostafa and so on.
Q: Have local inhabitants been gathered next to seeing you?
A: Yes.
Q: Has there any one else who is equal in his age?
A: Yes, There were.
Q: Who actually were there?
A: Many of Badura village were present there but could not say because not mention in my note.
Q: Is the mother of Salim alive still now?
A: Yes.
Q: Had his mother been in his house on the day of said incident during 1971?
A: I have no note about this.
Q: Have you not interrogated to mother of Salim?
A: Yes, I have not asked her because salim told that his mother is very sick and could not come before.
Q: Has Salim not deposited to you concerning any description of detrimental to his house?
A: Yes, He not prescribed about this.
Q: His father was a great leader of Awami league. Still he is?
A: Yes.
Q: Has Slim not described in deposition about any happened incident during 1971
A: Yes, He did not cite any event.
Q: Salim Khan was a leader of “fish preservation association” and was he president of that association during investigation?
A: Whether he is a leader or not but knew he is only a fish businessman.
Q: when have you gone to take his deposition?
A: I could not recall.
Q: When you have gone to his house, any witness is companied with you?
A: No, no one is gotten company with me.