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Investigation officer has not interrogated the rest 6 witnesses: Investigation has only been done against Mawlana Sydee among alleged.
Thursday, 02 August 2012
      Investigation officer Helal Uddin has specifically not investigated for which plaintiff Mahbubul Alam Hawlader, President of freedom fighters association in Zianaghor Thaana, Had alleged. 11 person contained in that allegation among of them 7 people are still alive. IO has only completed his investigation against Mawlana Delwar Hossin Sydee and even the rest of them has not interrogated about any object of this litigation. This litigation had also investigated by SI Abu Zafor prior to coming it in the International Crimes Tribunal. He even not comprised into this litigation as witness. Advocate Mijanul Islam, the lawyer of Mawlana Delwar Hossin Sydee, has alleged that they did not produce him before tribunal as witness in order to the phobia of true incidents would come forward. This information has been dug out from him through cross-examination for whole day. Nonetheless, no information has been found of taking Mafiz Uddin Pasari away next to tied up and oppressed in a litigation filed in Ferouzapur court though Manik Pashari has alleged of plundering and combusting his home during 1971. Though in that litigation contained the killing of a man name Ibrahim but not companied with this word Kotty. Even his father’s name also contradicts to present litigation. Five accused was in the litigation of Manik Pashari. No investigation has been done against four accused rather than Sydee and even not interrogated. Advocate Mijanul Islam was assisted in exanimation to IO by Advocate Manjour Ahmad Anshari and Abu Bakar Siddique in the tribunal composed of three-member judges namely Justice Nizamul Hoq Nasim, AKM Zahir Ahmed and Justice Anwarul Hoq.
  Notable examination has cited below done to IO:
Q: Have you searched who was the IO of case no-3 date 22/9/10 in International Crimes Tribunal?
A: I do not know and not investigate.
Q: Plaintiff Mahbubul Alam Howlader has filed another case in Zianogor Thaana case no-4 on 8/9/2009 under sections-436/380/427/302/34 prior to this litigation in displayed-3 and last IO was Abu Zafor. Have you recorded hid deposition or interrogated Hawlader?
A: Yes, I asked him such.
Q: Have you not interrogated prior IO Abdul Hakim of this case?
A: No, I have not interrogated him.
Q:  Has there been the name of four accused person in this litigation?
A: Yes.
Q: Has that litigation contained the name of 18 witnesses during filing it as allegation?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you comprised 11 persons out of 18 as witnesses in this litigation?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you produced 5 persons to tribunal among 11 witnesses?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you not interrogated or cited them as witnesses who were actually witnesses of prior litigation i.e. Abdus Salam Talukder, Asrab Ali, Altaf Hossion, Cittorangon Talukder, Firuz Ali Howlader, Mijanur Rahman Vedo?
A: They have been found so not made them as witnesses and interrogated.
Q: Has IO Abu Zafor Howlader deposited to have been examined to 9 neutral witnesses?
A: Yes.
Q: Has he taken the deposition of exact 9 witnesses or more?
A: He has not provided any information relating to have been examined more than nine witnesses.
Q: Has he recorded the deposition of three witnesses under section 164?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you not revised those depositions?
A: Yes, I have gone through to those depositions.
Q:   SI Abu Zafor is not death, so was it a matter of sumptuous to be produced him before tribunal?
A: He was not death but he did not come to depose.
Q: Did you not produce him on account of not to confess as you wanted?
A: This is not authentic.
Q: Mahbubul Alam Howlader has alleged against total 11persons in displayed-1. Among them, four is died and seven are alive?
A: Yes.
Q: among of seven are Moslem Mawlan, Mohammad Mohshen, Habibur Rahman Monshi, Momen Howleder, Sobhan Mawlana and Hakim kari rather than Mawlana sydee?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you served any legal notice to be informed them?
A: No, I have not served any notice.
Q: Have you not served notice and cited them as witnesses?
A: Yes. I have not them informed.
Q: Has SI Abu zafor Howlader opined concerning the result of the investigation during transfer of case ducats?
A: I do not know.
Q: Has there not cited the name of two living witnesses prior to Sydee among 11 accused. They are Moslem Mawlana serial no-3 and Mahammad Mohshen, serial no-5?
A: Yes. There has been mentioned the two witnesses’ name prior to Sydee.
Q: Have you not investigated any matter of those six witnesses?
A: Yes, I have not investigated.
Q: Have you investigated only a specific accused rather than to allegation?
A: Yes.
Q: Who gave you the order only to investigate in respect of Sydee among seven accused?
A: Not by the order of anyone. As an Investigation officer, I myself investigated only against Sydee.
Q: Why have you not investigated against the rest six accused?
A: Investigation will be done in respect of all accused.
Q: Has first Allegation been brought on 21/7/2010 having joined you in investigation team in last 8/7/2010?
A: I could say anything about that register.
Q: Has that litigation been submitted on 21/7/2010 as allegation?
A: Yes.
Q: Has Mahbubul Alam Howlader been the plaintiff of that litigation?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you seen the election manifesto of Awami league?
A: No.
Q: Have you presented in the last meeting of Prime Minister?
A: No, I was than in abroad.
Q: How much the price of gold was in Parerhat during 1971?
A: I could not say.
Q: How much was the price of rich during 1971?
A: I have not collected the price list of goods of 1971.
Q: have you estimated the approximate price of plundered homes and shops?
A: I have not fixed.
Q: Could you tell us the name President and the secretary of Awami league in Parerhat during war?
A: No.
Q: Had Abdul Manik Pshari been filed litigation against five accused?
A: Yes.
Q: Are they alive now?
A: Yes.
Q: Has this litigation contained 14witnesses?
A: Yes.
Q: Among them Chan Mia Pashari, Ayiub Ali yeoman, Basho mechanic Ishaque have been included as witnesses but no one has present to tribunal without Basho Deb Manson?
A: Yes, no one has been present without Bsho Deb mechanic.
Q: Have six witnesses’ depositions been recorded under section 164?
A: Yes.
Q: have you shown this as prosecution document?
A: No.
Q: Have you not interrogated to witness Alamgir Pashari, Mahbub Pashari, Jashangir Pashari, Kanchon Pashari, Horipod mechanic,Jadob Chandra Shaha, Motin Howlader, Talim yeoman, Mojaher, Kabir Howlader and not cited as witness?
A: I have interrogated them but not made them as witness.
Q: Have the IO of that litigation been SI Abu Zafor and SI Nur Mohammad?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you not cited as witness of this litigation?
A: SI Azim Howlader was the first IO of this litigation and later SI Nur Mohammad Khan.
Q: Has Abu Zafor not been investigation officer of that litigation?
A: Yes, He was also IO of that case.
Q: Have you not cited them as witness rather Nur Mohammad?
A: Yes, I have not comprised the as witness.
Q: Has SI Nur Moahammad been served in Police department until now?
A:  Yes.
Q: Has Mofiz Uddin not been cited as witness or victim in the litigation filed by Manik Pashari?
A: Nothing has been cited such.
Q: Was Gafour Shekh the father of Ibrahim Kottry?
A:  Nothing has contained in my note.
Q: Has Kottry not mentioned with the name Ibrahim and also written down the father of him as Saijuddin in the FIR of Manik Pashari?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you intentionally commenced investigation, being politically interested, against Sydee with the direction of government rather doing inquiry to allegation?
A: This is not authentic one.
Q:  Has the name of central peace committee’s member been prescribed in those outwitted papers on desplayed-25?
A: Yes.
Q: What is the profession of witness Ajith Kumar Shil?
A: He does not serve now owing to aged.
Q: How old is he?
A: About 75 years old.
Q: Was he called Adir?
A: I heard such.
Q: What he had been served during 1971?
A: I have no record about this.
Q: What Dr. Sodir Chandra Shil was served?
A: I have no record in my note.
Q: Had Ajith Kumar Shil been married in 1971?
A: I have no information about this.
Q: Had Nitai Kumar been served as peoin of Jonatha Bank?
A: Yes.
Q: Had he been 20 years old in 1971?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you not interrogated or cited as witness Nitai Shil who has employed in Jonatha Bank in Ferouzpur during your investigation?
A: Yes, I have not interrogated him.
Q: How old are his two brothers Gourangho and Nimai?
A: Nothing contained in my note.
Q: Have you not inspected about their situation, profession, employing place?
A: I have no note.
Q: Have you tried to know from Ajith Kumar concerning exact date of plundering arms from treasury?
A: Fixed date has not been discovered.
Q: Have you gotten the exact date of looting arms from treasury during investigation?
A: No fixed date and month has been identified.
Q: Pakistan Army had come in Ferouzpur four or five later of plundering arms from treasury?
A: Yes.
Q: Where had been constituted peace committee first in Parerhat or Ferouzpur?
 A: Peace committee had firstly been established In Ferouzpur.
Q: Could you cite the exact date of formation of peace committee in between parerhat and Ferouzpur?
A: I have no note.
Q: Has the date of formation of peace committee cited in deposition of Ajith Kumar Shil?
A: Yes.
Q: Has there been the name of Danesh Mollah in that committee?
A: Has witness Ajith Kumar Shil not informed you relating the formation of peace committee in ferouzpur?
A: Date has not mentioned.
Q: Where was the house of Ajitk Kumar in 1971?
A: In employer dock of Parerhat Port.
Q: Where is his present house?
A: In same village.
Q: Was the parerhat Thaana more nearly from Karmakar Pattry?
A: No. there is 250 fits far away.
Q: No description has been cited concerning killing of Ibrahim Kotty in description of Ajith Kumar?
A: Yes.
Q: He has also not prescribed the matter of Mafiz Uddin being seiaged?
A: Yes.
Q: What is the distance between the house of Ajith Shil and the shop of Mohan Shaha?
A: About 200/250 fit in south-east side.
Q: Has he not described to you relating the 22 kg gold found in parerhat Bazaar?
A: Yes, He described it.
Q: Has he not cited any description about attacking the house of Manik Pashari and the plundering the house of Shahidul Islam Salem on 8th Mayin 1971?
A: Yes.
Q: where and how long distance is between the shop of Madon Shaha and house of Ajith Kumar Shil?
A: Approximately hundred or hundred and fifty fit in south. The other side of the Hoglabonia river situated in the mid of Parerhat Bazaar.
Q: Has he not mentioned in his deposition any description of taking up the house of Madan Shaha to the father-in-law house of Sydee and gotten back next to freedom?
A: Yes, It has not mentioned in my note.
Q: How long the distance is between the houses of Ajith Kumar Shil to Jana Das?
A: I have no record about this.
Q: Where was cited the house of Fakir Das in deposition of Ajith Kumar Shil?
A: In Parerhat Bazaar.
Q: Have you gotten more than Fakir Das during investigation?
A: No, I did not get such.
Q: Has he not cited about the camp of peace committee situated in Fakir Das building‘s in his deposition?
A: He has not told me.
Q: Had Fakir Das lived in that house during 1971?
A: That is not correct but for some days.
Q: When he went to India?
A: He had gone to India next to being forcibly converted into Islam and possessed his house by Razakers.
Q: When had actually established the office of peace committee in Parerhat Bazaar?
A: At the end of April but I could not say what the exact date was.
Q: What was the exact date of making Razaker camp?
A: I could accurately not say.
Who had been the president of Muslim League?
A: I have no note about this.
Q: Where was the house of Zolan?
A: At the end of south side in Parerhat bazaar.
Q: Have any Children of Zulan?
A: He has no son but two doughters. I have no information relating to wife.
Q: Where was the house of Shanti Roy described in the deposition of Ajith Shil?
A: It was in Parerhat Port,
Q: Where is the house the Hori Roy?
A: His house was in Parerhat Bazaar but now he is dead.
Where is the house of Narayan Pal?
A: In parerhat Bazaar but he is now death.
Q: Have you not interrogated or made said 11 witnesses to whom they had forcibly converted into Islam?
A: Seven are death out of 11 witnesses and the rest four are now in India.
Q: Who have gone to India?
A: They are Shanti Roy, Zonz Das, Fakir Das and Ananano Howlader.
Q: Have you investigated about where they actually resided in India?
A: I informed secretly.
Q: Have you gone to India within the running activities of investigation?
A: Yes, I have gone there.
Q: Have you sent a letter to Police department in order to identify their situation?
A: No,
Q: Who had owned the house of Shanti Roy now among of them?
A: Abdur Rob mechanic but when he actually owned nothing in my note.
Q: Have you asked to Abdur Rab about Shanti Roy?
A: I have no note about this.
Q: who is living in the house of Zona Das?
A: Zona Das and Fakir Das are two brothers and they hold only one house co-jointly.
Q: Zona Das has saild his property to whom?
A: I have no note above this.
Q: What is the profession of Zona Das?
A: He dialed in Business.
Q: Who had held the house of Amullah Howlader?
A: Zahid is now holding the house of Amullah Howlader fater-Shamsul Hoque.
Q: Have you asked where Amullah Howlader Actually went to India?
A: I have no note above this note.
Q: Who are resided in the house of Narayan Pal?
A: His three sons are lived their but nothing informed about his wife.
Q: Who actually resided in the house of Sonil Pal?
A: His son is resided there.
Q: Have you interrogated them or made as witness of this litigation?
A: I have not made them as witness.
Q: Has in deposition of Ajith Kumar not contained any matter concerning to oppression of Vano Shaha daughter of Bilpod Shaha?
A: Yes, there is nothing contained.
Q: How many members are in the family of Ajith Kumar Shil?
A: I have no note about this.
Q: When and to whom you have gotten the news of knowing the matter of litigation by Ajith kumar Shil?
A: I have informed in locally.
Q: Where have you taken the deposition of Ajith Shil?
A: I have written in my note “in parerhat”.
Q: Have you not taken any information how his family is actually run?
A: They lived with his son.
Q: How old is of his son?
A: Approximately 40 years.
Q: Has any notice served from prosecution to Ajith shil to be produced before tribunal?
A: Yes, the prosecution has been served notice to him.
Q: Have you gone with summoned to his house?
A: Yes, I have gone to his house with summon for several times.
Q: When have you firstly gone with summon to his house?
A:  I could not say accurate date of serving.
Q: Have you not found him for the first time?
A: Yes, I have not found him for the first time.
Q: Has there no one else without his wife?
A: Yes, no one was there.
Q: Have you gotten companied police?
A: I got companied police of Indorakhani Thaana.
Q: Have you not made a GD to Indorkhani Thaana on account to missing him?
A: I have not remained mandatory.
Q: With whom you have met in next time?
A: There was his son and wife.
Q: Have you interrogated his son where his father actually went?
A: Yes, I have asked them.
Q: Have you tried to go where he actually resided?
A: I have not found any address of him
Q: Have his son and wife filed any GD owing to not found of him?
 A: I do not know about this but I got remained from their discussion that Ajith Kumar has been concealed himself anywhere. Though, they did not inform me.
 Q: Has SI Abdul Malik who got companied done GD to the direction of you?
A: I have not taken any information about this.
Q: Have you given any letter to Indorkhani Thaana to be known of Ajith Shil?
A: I have taken news from time to time.
Q: Has summon been served to whom deposited to tribunal at the same time under section 19(2)?
A: I have no note about this.