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Lengthy debate during cross-examination of Investigation Officer No name of Moulana sayedee in 201 documents of 268
Wednesday, 01 August 2012
Lengthy debate continued during the cross-examination of the Investigation officer Helal Uddin who gave deposition against prominent mufassir-e-Quran Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee where the defence lawyer made all questions simultaneously to save the time of court. But the question arose as to how he would answer these questions. So tribunal, prosecution and Investigation officer involved with lengthy debate with defence team. Actually defence made these questions because the tribunal demarcated the time for cross-examination.
Question: On which date had you taken the deposition of 23rd witness Modhusudon Ghorami?
Answer: 3/11/2010
Question: On which date had you gone to Phirozpur to take the deposition of him?
Answer: 2/11/2012
Question: Had you not any information as to raping of Shefali Ghorami till this date?
Answer: No, I had not.
Question: Had you taken deposition of Modhusodon Ghorami going to his house?
Answer: Modhusudon Ghorami fixed the date.
Question: Had you gone Huglabunia before 3/11/2010?
Answer: No.
Question: Had you not taken deposition or made witness anybody other than Modhusodon Ghorami?
Answer: I made nobody as witness and did not record the deposition but interrogated.
Question: Had you gone to home of Modhusodon Gorami from the Phirozpur cricuit house?
Answer: I did not go directly. Firstly I went home of Torun Sikder, Then to Horolal Malakar. Finally Home of Modhusodon Ghorami.
Question: Who showed you the home of Modhusodon Ghorami?
Answer: Local member Malek showed.
Question: Is the home of Toruni sikder is adjacent to the home of Horolal malakr?
Answer: Yes.
Question: How far are these two homes situated from the home of Mdhusodon Ghorami?
Answer: East and west about 1 kilometre.

Question: When you went home of  Modhusodon Ghorami?
Answer: 10: 20 am.
Question: Had you taken the speech of Modhusodon Ghorami in the audio record?
Answer: No.
Question: When you recorded the home of him and him, did you record the speech of him?
Question: Had you not got any information as to raping date and month.
Answer: No, he could not say. But he said it was committted at the last moment of war.
Question: Had you not collected any information as to birth date of Modhusondhan Ghorami?
Answer: No.
Question: Had you got any information as to convertion of him to islam?
Answer: He could not say the date. But he was made muslim forcefully.
Question: How many times you stayed in the home of him?
Answer: About two hours.
Question: “I married at the last time of Falgun”. Had he not said in the deposition given to you?
Answer: Yes, he did not say in such way but he married on the day treasury loot, it had been said.
Question: When the incidence of treasury loot had been committed.
Answer: It is not in my note.
Question: Delwar introduced himself lateron delwar sikder, I did not hear it earlier. Now Sayedee”.
Answer: He did not say it.
Question: “After ¾ days the supporter of Rajakars did come in my home. Modhusodon ghorami did not say it in the deposition to you”.
Answer: He did not say it.
Question: “Wife said later on that he came”. He did not say to you this deposition as well.
Answer: No.
Question: “I became muslim sitting in the mosques of Parerhat bazar”. Modhusodon ghorami did not say to in the deposition.
Answer: No.
Question: “I was named after Ali Ashraf and Gonesh was named after Ali Akbar”. This statement had also not been mentioned by Modhusodon Ghorami in the deposition.
Answer: Yes.
Question: When Modhusodon ghorami came to Dhaka to submit deposition?
Answer: I do not have in my mind.
Question: in whcih hospital he did stay?
Answer: I do not know.
Question:Had he stayed in the same hospital from January 31 to  February 1?
Answer: I do not know.
Question: He went his home after giving deposition?
Answer: Yes.
Question of the Tribunal: Had the witness Modhusodon gone home after submitting deposition instantly or after a few days?
Answer: I do not know.
Question: When he came to dhaka to produce the deposition, he was accompanied by Onjoli , daughter of his brother and son of Onjoli?
Answer: I cannot say. I only brought Mdhusodon Ghorami and I saw a male child probably.
Question: To whom had you transferred ailed Modhusodon Ghorami after giving deposition?
Answer: I did not transfer to anybody because he was under my custody.
Question: Had you not met with Modhusodon Ghorami other than 3/11/2010 during investigation.
Answer: No.
Question: Had you gone to Khanka of Chorkhali Peer
Saheb of Parerhat during investigation?
Answer: No.
Question: Had you examined anybody who was the regular prayer performer in the Parerhat mosque during 1971? Say their name.
Answer: I did not get any body like this.
Question: Who were the Imam and Muajjin of Parerhat Mosque jsut after the liberation war? Did you collect it.
Answer: No.
Question: Had you used Modhusodon Ghorami to give deposition by manipulating through the state power?
Answer: It is not true.