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MP Aawal has not told to IO about running five founds under the leadership of Mawlana Sydee: Cross-examination of IO Halal Uddin will be continued.
Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Political adversary of Mawlana Delwar Hossin sydee, present parliament member of Ferouzpur-1, MMAK Abdul Aawal alias Saidur Rahman, 12th witness of the prosecution, told during his deposition to International Crimes Tribunal, Sydee had acted as treasurer of five founds in Parerhat though He did not mention such to Investigation officer. Investigation officer has confessed during examination concerning to the matter of not being presented such by MAK Aawal to him.Abed Khan, the 26th witness and than editor journalist of the Daily Shamokal, did not say anything to Investigation officer which he himself has described to tribunal in deposition. Rest of All witnesses of this litigation have also submitted their deposition to tribunal as well as Investigation officer in a contradict position. Such a gigantic variation of those depositions has been dug out by the defance lawyer, of world recognized illustrator of the holy Quran Allama Mawlana Delwar Hossin Sydee, Advocate Manjor Ahmed Anshari. He was also assisted by Barrister Tanbir-Al-Amin and Advocate Abu Bakar Siddique. International Crimes Tribunal-1, headed by its Chairman justice Nijamul Hoq Nasim, the other justice Anwarul Hoq and justice AKM Jahir Ahmad was being continued their proceedings from last 13th June in the absence of sever ill Mawlana Delwar Hossin Sydee. Physical condition of Sydee is no longer fit to be produced before tribunal though he has been brought to central jail having been treated in Ibrahim cardiac Hospital. IO of Sydee’s litigation has been examined from 10 AM-1 PM and further examined 2-3 PM of the Last Thursday. Examination will also be continuad on Sunday. Some of worth mentionable examinations has given below.
 Q: Did he not mention to you that “Pakistam Army had come on 7 May” said in tribunal?
A: Yes. He has not prescribed specifically the date but cited “one day morning”.
Q: “52 Army had landed in Parerhat Bazaar by 26 rickshaws” Did the 8th witness not confess to you such?
A: Yes, He specifically not mentioned accurate the number of rickshaws but told about 25/30 rickshaws.
Q: Next to coming of Pakistan Army, Delwar Hossin Sydee and Sekandar Siqdar along with Razakers had shown the house of Hindus, Awami League and the supporter of freedom.Did it 8th witness mention to you which he actually deposited to tribunal?
A: Yes, He has not told me such.
Q: “Delwar hossin Sydee, Sekandor Siqdar along with Razakers had plundered for one and half an hour in Parerhat Bazaar and took it away to Razlokki High School” Has the 8th witness told you during deposition?
A: No. He has accurately not prescribed to me.
Q: “Though the 9th witness Alataf Hossin Howlader has cited that Peace committee had been made under the leadership Sydee in his deposition to tribunal” Did it not also mention to you?
A: Yes, He has not told me such.
Q: Having been constituted the peace committee, they had taken away next to looting 30/35 shops and dwellers” Did it not tell to you during deposition?
A: Yes, He has not told me such.
Q: Razakers had lived in the building of Fakir Das. Numerous offences had been continued including rape under the leadership of Syde” Did it not tell you but told to tribunal?
A: Yes, He has not told me such.
Q: “Sydee showing Bishabali told Pakistan Army Shot him now. A Pakistan Army had shouted, could not say whether it was a pistol or Rifle, with a long Gun. Bishabali had lead down upon soil shouting the word “Mother”. Has this confessed to tribunal but non to you?
A: Yes, He has not told me such.
Q: “Razaker  had taken away breaking the house and shop of Madon Shaha to Yunus Monshi’s house father-in -law of Sydee” Has 9th witness not this told you?
A: Yes, He has not told me such..
Q: I had gone for working with my father to Manik pashari on 8th May, 1971” Though 10th witness Bashodeb maker said this to tribunal but did he  not mention“8 May” to you?
A: yes, He has accurately not mentioned the date.
Q: Others Razakers had combusted my home under the leadership of Sydee”
Did the 10th witness not tell you?
A: Yes, He has not told me such.
Q: Dilo Razaker and Sekndor Sikder had tied Mafiz and Ibrahim Kotti up in a rope afterwards catching, from the home of Manik Pashari-said 11th witness Abdul Jalil Shaik. Has he not this talking told you?
A: Yes, He has not mentioned to me.
Q: Later, “Delo Shekder, Sekandor Siqdar and Danesh Mollah had combusted throwing karochin had in house fractionally in the house of Manik Pashari” Has the 11th witness not mentioned to you?
A: Yes, He has not told me such.
Q: Has the 12th witness MAK Aowel not told to you exactly which he said in tribunal that “Pakistan Army had a language problem so they included Sydee in Razaker owing to well-knower of Urdu”?
A: Yes, He has precisely not delivered such.
Q: Has the 12th witness not told you about the involvement of Sydee in five funds as treasurer?
A: Yes, He has not told me such.
Q: “Student league and Awami league were much more on account of Hindu area in Parerhat” Has the 12th witness not this talking said to you?
A: No, He has not exactly said me such.
Q:  Sydee had not been found in this area afterwards freedom” Did it 12th witness not mention to you?
A: He has Not mentioned exactly such.
Q: Has the 13th witness Gourangh Saha not said to you about the talking of 3-raped sisters though he said in tribunal?
A: Yes, He did not mention to me.
Q: The home of Sydee is in Ferouzpur. He could not stay in Ferouzpur next to freedom so he concealed himself in Roushon’s house. Has 16th witness not this talking said to you?
A: Yes, he has not said this during deposition to me.
Q: “I could not get back my life if there was not been Roushon Brother” Has he this talking not said to you?
A: Yes, he has not said me such.
Q: Has the 26th witness journalist Abed Khan not said precisely you which he submitted during his whole deposition in tribunal?
A: Yes, he has exactly not said such.
Q: 27th witness Syed Hafizur Rahman  said in tribunal that, he heard, Sydee got a company with Khan Bahdur afzal in vehicle on which Mijanur Rahman had been taken for granted” Has he this talking not said to you?
A: Yes, He has precisely not told me such.