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Cross-examination of witness against Kader Mulllah: Next wintness on next Sunday. Maherun Nessa and and her family had been killed by non-Bengali Bihari
Saturday, 28 July 2012
In the cross-examination of witness against Assistant Secretary General Poet Kazi Rozy said, “he mentioned his book, Poet Maherunnessa  and her family were killed by non-Bengali Bihari and he did not know Abdul Kader Mullah. He never spoke with Abdul Kader Mullah and did never see him.”
Cross-examination: (in brief)
Question: Was the book on poet Maherun Nessa written by you?
Answer: Yes. I tried to write down from top to bottom of her life.
Question: Had you submitted any document to Investigation Officer (IO)?
Answer: I had given him one copy of that book.
Question: In deposition you said that you said to Gulzar and other non-Bengali but this had not been said to IO? 
Answer: I said it on the basis of hearsay. I did not watch it. I did not speak with Abdul Kader Mullah and meet with him. Even I did not meet with Abdul Kader Mullah in procession, meeting, or any kind of assembly. Speaking with anybody is essential for knowing him. Question: Had you seen Abdul Kader Mullah when you participated in the election of 1970?
Answer: I did not see.
Question: Kader Mullah did not stay or reside in Mirpur during 1971? Answer: It is not true.
Question: He stayed outside of Dhaka from the commencement of liberation war of 1971 to March, 1972?
Answer: It is not true.
Question: A person of Bihari was Kader Mullah who was known as butcher?
Answer: It is not true.
Question: You did not write anything as to Abdul Kader Mullah?
Answer: I did not mention the name of Maherun Nessa because of non-avalability of Justice.
Question: you had mentioned in the “Poet Maherunnessa”, she and her family had been killed by non-bengali Bihari?
Answer: Yes. But I did not mention name of other because of anticipatory fear.
Question: You had been able to identify Abdul Kader Mullah because of showing him to you recurrently?
Answer: It is not true. 
Question: What was the distance between the residence of you and Poet Maherrun Nessa?
Answer: It needed 10 minutes on goon foot.
Question: You have many books which are available in market?
Answer: Yes.
Question: You sacrificed all of you books to bengali?
Answer: true. 
Question: Bihari lived in the premises of your.
Question: Akhtar, Kholil, Niaz, Josim, Mofiz, Mukta etc were your neighbors?
Answer: True.
Question: Is there any one bangaldeshi?
Answer: No.
Question: Are you member of Kobita Kantha Council?
Answer: I am not member but I go to their celebration.
Question: Had you given deposition before giving deposition in the Tribunal?
Answer: I did not give statement to anybody. Later on he said, “I gave statement to Investigation Officer (IO).
Question: How many days before you made this statement?
 Answer: One month ago.
Question: How many times the IO went your house?
Answer: For once.
Question: What was the number of committee which was constituted for the purpose of torturing the Bihari?
Answer: 15
Question: Were there any one with you other than such 15 personalities?
Answer: We worked usually accompanying them.
Question: Khandokar abu Talib, Dr. Musarraf Hossain, Saifuddin Manik, A S M Abdur Rob and Ponkoj Vottacarjo went to you for supervision?
Answer: Yes.
Question: You went to India after March 25?
Answer: Yes, I was involved with Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendro after March 25.
Question: Which parties participated in the 1970 election?
Answer: Boat “Nouka”and Weight “Dari Palla”
Question: In which centre you have given your vote?
Answer: Mirpur 1 no. Vote centre.
Question: When you returned to Bangldesh from Sadhin Bangla Betar Kendro?
Answer: January, 1972.
Question: From whom had you heard the name of Poet Maherunnessa?
Answer: From hearsay. Before this, I heard the news of death of maherunnessa on March 27, 1971.
Question: From whom had you heard on March 27, 1971?
Answer: I heard the news of Maherunnessa in the residence of uncle from my mother situated in kolabagan?
Question: From whom?
Answer: I heard it from the people coming from Mirpur but I cannot mention the name.
Question: Are they now alive?
Answer: There is no relation with them.
Question: Had you complained to any court or tribunal hearing the death of Maherunnessa?
Answer: I did not.
Question: Had you published many things by writing as to Poet Maherunnessa.
Answer: Yes. 
Question: The Gono Todonto Commission was establsihed under the leadership of Poet Sufia Kamal?
Answer: Yes.
Question: There was a report of you in that Gono Todonto Commission?
Answer: Yes.
Question: That report contained the description of the torture of Bihari on begali?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Had you read the report of Gono Todonto Commision?
Answer: I did not read, but it is expected such kind of description would be provided.
Question: Your book “Khanikta Golpo”, Here there are some poems on the facts of 197.”Lorai” is also you book of poem.
Answer: Yes.
Question: You are stricken supporter of Awami League?
Answer: Yes.
Question: The deposition given by you is taught and fully false.
Answer: It is not true.

Before this, a woman gave the deposition against Abdul Kader Mullah in the camera trial on last July, 17 as third witness. The defence team completed her cross-examination on that day and next day of that day. Another woman may give deposition in the camera trial. Besides these, Shahidul Hoque Mama and Muzaffar Ahmed khan gave the deposition against Abdul Kader Mullah.