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Quader Mollah and his accompanies had killed poet Meherun heard by witness not directly seen: Deposition of fourth witness in tribunal.
Thursday, 26 July 2012
Poet Quazi Rosy told against Assistant secretary general of Jamaat Islam Abdul Quader Mollah. She said to International crimes tribunal-2 during her deposition, Jamaat leader Abdul Quader Mollah and his accomplices had killed pro-liberation poet Meherun Nesa, I had heard about this barbarous killing from people. She said during her deposition I had informed at evening of the day of incident on 27 March, 1971 that they had killed poet Meherun Nesa, her mother and her two brothers at their home in Mirpur during war. So far I heard Quder Mollah and his accomplices had entered in the house of Meheroun Nesa. Quazi Rosy said, after the liberation war, non-Bangalee Gulzar and another Bihari also told her about this savage occurrence. She also said “After killing Meharun Nesa. They tied her severed head to the ceiling fan with her hair and her beheaded body wriggled like a slaughtered chicken” Whoever happened this unexpected incident they were non-Bangalee Bihari. Quder Mullah and Biharies had happened this barbarous killing. Two non-Bangalee Bihari and informer Gulzar is not now in Bangladesh. Late poet Meheroun Nesa was a close friend a neighbor of mine. Bangalee were being regularly oppressed and irritated by Non-Bengali and Bihari in Mirpur. To get rid of from this unavoidable situation we had formed an “Action committee”. I was president and Meherun Nesa was a member of this committee. We had a meeting on the morning of March 25,1971, and apprehended that something was going to happen. When I reached home after the meeting sometime later I got information that my home was going to be raided along with Meheroun’s home because we were the female members of the action committee.I had sent a massage to Meharun asking her to leave home but Meharun sent her brother to me with the massage “where would we go?”. Then I told to her brother to convince Meheroun Nasa and his mother that we need to leave this area immadeately.Afterwards I left Mirpur but Meherun Nasa did not leave Mirpur and so far I heared on the evening of 27 March Quder Mollah and  his accomplices wearing red and white bandanas entered Meheroun’s home. Seeing them,she embraced a holy Quran firmly and pleaded for life but they slit the throat of all four of them. Rosy said “She was my friend but I could not do anything for her”. They entered the house under the leadership of Quder Mollah on that day but I could not say whether Quader Mollah had entered the house or not.
   Advocate Ekramul Hoque, defance lawyer of Quder Mollah, cross-examined Quazi Rosy after her deposition.
Q: When did you introduce with poet Meherun Nasa?
A: In 1968.First we met in the mid of 1967-68.
Q: Where did you learn primary education?
A: We had lived at Siddique Bazar in Dhaka city at the same time I commenced my primary education in Bangla Bazar Didhimoni Kishaloy School.
Q: What did Thaana belong that school?
A: I could not say.
Q: How many persons were in your family in that period?
A: We were eight in number including father, mother and brothers-sisters.
Q: What is the name of your younger brother?
A: Dr. Quazi Hillol.
Q: What is your position in your family?
A: I am elder all of them.
Q: What is the profession of your father?
A: Journalist. Firstly served in Sangbad,  later in Ittifaque.
Q: When you passed SSC and from where?
A: I had passed SSC from Motijil Central Government High school in 1964.
Q; when had you passed HSC?
Q: I had passed HSC from Intermediate collage at Bakhsibazar. Than I had gotten admitted in Dhaka University and passed MA in 1973.
 The tribunal adjourned the proceeding until tomorrow when the defance would continue cross-examining Quazi Rosy.
  The Next proceeding date of Professor Gulan Azam will be held on 29July: Witness Absent.
   The prosecution has not produced the next witness against former chief of Jamaat Islam and language solider Professor Gulam Azam. As a result, such an eminent leader has been brought to prison sell of International Crimes tribunal situated in ole high court premises from PG hospital on Tuesday morning but later he was being    taken back to PG. not raised into dock. Advocate Tajul Islam, lawyer of Professor Gulam Azam, has drowned the attention of tribunal after presided over by its Chairman Justice Nizamul Hoq Nasim and Justice Anwarul Hoq on morning 10 o’clock. The prosecution lawyer Ziad-Al-Malum could not answer properly against the question of the Chairman Justice Nizamul Hoq Nasim in the matter of being witness present. Than tribunal issued an order to take back Professor Gulam Azam simultaneously fixed the date of proceeding on 29 July.
     Worth-mentioning, Professor Montasir Mamun, teacher of Dhaka University, has confronted as first witness against former chief of Jamaat Islam professor Gulam Azam in connection with so called accused of crimes against humanity during 1971. Half of a day of cross-examining him has until now due. This cross-examination will be held in the chance of him. The commander of Guard of honor in Mojib Nagor and ex-police employer Mahbub Uddin has finished his deposition as secoend witness in the tribunal but not cross-examined until now. He was not present though it was to talk to be held examination in later.  He has gone to Bangkok owing to illness after his deposition. He is there until now.  It is not known to us whether new witness shall be brought to tribunal or anybody will be present to be examined who has not ended their examination.