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MojaffarAhmed never saw Qader Mullah to be involved directly in any offence.
Thursday, 19 July 2012
Mojaffor Ahmad khan, one of the famous witnesses of this trail, said in tribunal that he never saw Qader Mullah detained assistant secretary of Jamaat-e-Islam in connection with so called crimes against humanity during 1971.  Only he saw Qader Mullah to stand with Chinese revolver. International crimes tribunal-2, three-number tribunal, headed by its Chairman A, T, M; Fajle kabir accepted the cross-examination of witnesses yesterday Sunday. A lawyer of defence team Akramul hoq made this cross-examination. Prior to commencing cross-examination, witness begged to pardon to tribunal for his unexpected behavior in last 03 July 11, 2012. During cross-examination witness said, He saw Qader Mullah to commit numerous crimes. He could not say specifically to what offence done by Qader during examination but only said he stood with Chinese revolver in front of mopur physical training institute. Of course, the lawyer of defence team informed the tribunal, having delivered the speech of Bangabondho on 7 March of 1971,Qader Mullah went to Faridpur to his pastoral area and back to Dhaka in January 1972.mentioned the cross-examination and answer hereinafter, 
Q: Where is the Atibaoul high school?
A: Under Keranighong thana
Q: When did you pass SSC, HSC, and
A: SSC in 1972 from Atibaoul hidh school,HSc from Hafez Musa college which was then  under lalbagh thana now under Hajaribagh.
Q: when did you pass B .com?
A: I got admitted in Borhan Uddin collage but not appeared at final exam.
Q: Any where you learned later?
A: No
Q: could you tell us some names of VP or GS of sattara league various dormitories of Dhaka University during 1974?
A: No, I could not remember.
Q: you were the president of sattra league of Keranighong thana.who confessed you?
A: than the student leader Nura Alam Siddique.
Q: Is he alive now?
A: He is alive now. Also he was a Member of Parliament.
Q: Was there any office of Sattra league?
A: No
Q: How much worker you had in that period?
 A: A committee of 21 members.
Q: who was the secretary of that time?
A: Jafrullah .He died
Q: How members of that committee are alive?
A: So far as I remember, 15 members are alive.
Q: could you tell us those names of them?
A: One of them the secretary of the government .others are Sahab Uddin, Khalilur Rahman, Anwer Hosen Faruque, Sah newaj , Azizur Rahman Khan , Mofiz Uddin , A. Jalil , Mahmudul hoq, Fazlur Rahman , Samsul hoq, Nazrul Islam, Abdul Aziz , I could not remember  more.
Q: who were the freedom fighters among those persons?
 A: Anwar Hosen Faroque, Sah newaj, Nurul Islam, Mafiz Uddin.
Q: were all of you in same age?
A: All of us were approximately same.
 Q: Do they live in Karanigong?
A: Yes, all of us in Karanigong
Q: What were the names of freedom fighters accompanied with you during liberation?
A: Sahab Uddin, Golam Mustafa , A.Hakim , Mojibur Rahman , Babul Mia , Arshad Ali, HasanSirajul Hoq , Sahidullah , Anwar Hossin , A,Aowal , Sobhan ,Shah Alom , Abdul Mannan
Q:  Are all of them alive?
A:  No, four of them are death namely Hasan, Babul Mia, Sobhan, Arshad.
Q: What is the name of the father of Golam Mostafa?
A: Sadeque Ali
Q: Whether anyone engages in public jobs?
A: No, All of them in house now.
Q: Were said15 persons enlisted in Kangrees building in India?
A: Yes.
Q: How long you stayed in Agortola?
A: we were divided into various groups in distinguished transit camp.
Q: who were with you among those 15 persons?
A: Nobody was there with me. I was along 20 days in Hapania camp.
Q: Than where had been sent from there?
A: I stayed 7 days in Mohonpur camp.
Q: could you remember accurately date of journey?
A: No, I could not accurately recall.
Q: Where you went from Mohonpur camp?
 A: Durga Chowdharypara this in Agortola, I was there 15days
Q Where you further went from there?
A: Gokul Nagar camp, there also stayed another 15 days.
Q: When you got arms?
A: Having trained up 21days in Lailapur of Asham, I got another 7 days special training under in charge of major Rabindra sing.
Q: When you got arms?
 A: I got arms in my hands after come to Asham at transit camp of Aghortala.
Q: When n started training for 21 days?
A: We went to Lailapur camp on 3 July 1971. Perhaps we departed from there on 30 July.
Q: How many persons got back?
A: We got in 10 tacks each contained 20/25 persons.
Q: Were they Bangladeshi?
A: Yes, All of us Bangladeshi.
Q: How many persons were companied with you?
A: we were 15 in numbers.
Q: Have you gotten any documents from Rabindho sing?
A: Yes, Indian officer was there, he received those documents.
Q: How many people were in each team?
A: 25 parsons were in my team.
Q: Where you than sent?
A: We were gotten down with arms at CMB road of Comilla.
Q: where you engraved after entering into country?
 A: We made a camp at Kalatia of Karanigang.
Q: Was there any school or institution?
A: No, there was a private house.
Q: what was the name of Malik?
A: Matiour Rahman Sarkar.
Q: Is he still alive?
A: Yes, still alive but can not move.
Q: when you established the camp?
A: 28 August 1971.
Q: When you made first operation and where?
A: We commenced our operation at Tulshi of Sayedpur because it was a triangle connection.
Q: what time was then?
A: Commenced just 10AM.
Q: your operation against whom?
A: We fought against Pakistan army front to front.
Q: How the military of Pakistan came there?
A: They came there over gunboat through Daleshari River.
Q: Where they attacked?
A: They attacked upon a Freedom fighter’s camp name ‘Paragram freedom Fighter camp’
Q: How many fighters were there?
A: About 200 fighters.
Q: How many Pakistan armies were there?
A: They were about 300 in gunboat and speedboat.
Q: Who was the commander of that camp?
A: Yahia Khan Minto.
Q: How long lasted firing?
A: up to 04 PM.
Q: How many camps were in Kalatoli?
A: Five camps were there.
Q: How many persons were death or injured?
A: Freedom fighter Omar Ali became death and 10 persons were injured including me.
 Q: Under whom Shahid Omar Ali was?
A: He was under Pinto, only I was injured in my group. The other 9 persons were under Captain Halim Chowdory.
Q: How many Pakistan armies were injured?
A:  53 armies were died in sport.
Q: Where you got back?
A: I was sent to the house of Dr. Abdus Salam in injured and 7 days was under treatment.
Q: Was there any Rajakar in that locality?
A: Yes, there was.
Q: Were the others got treated by Salam?
A: Yes.
Q: Would they know about you?
A: Having gotten treated, where you went?
A: I went to Najirpur camp and took a rest for 15 days.
Q: Did freedom fighters make any operation in that moment?
A: Yes, they fought against them within Karanigong.
Q: Were Rajakar made any attack in that time?
A: No, they did not attack upon my camp. Our camp was there up to 16 December.
Q: Were you there for whole period?
A: I went to India for treatment on 5 October and stayed 15 days
Q: Where you went then?
A: Then I went to Molagod to meet with my sector commander and companied for two days. Later I got back to Najirpur with some new responsibilities, blusters and explosive substances then met with former co-fighters.
 Q: Where you made the later operation?
A: I was told to blue up the Md.pur Rajakar camp in accordance with my new duty.
Q: where was the Rajakar camp?
A: It was 10 miles away from Najirpur.
Q: When you went out?
A: It was 10 AM when we got down from boat near the old Mosque at MD.pur from Atibazarof Najirpur.
Q: what was the distance between boat parking to Md.pur?
A: It was quarter kilometer away .I took two arms for my security and became peddler bearing bottle-gourd and potherb.
Q: How only you went there?
A: I pretended to go to my uncle house so that I could easily observe from very near.
Q: what is the name of your uncle?
A: Gias Uddin, He died.
Q: Where was the Rajakar camp?
A: It was in physical training institute but no signboard displayed as Rajakar camp.
Q: How long you stayed in your uncle’s house?
A: I was there only 10 minutes though it was the first time to meet with uncle.
Q: what is the house number of your uncle?
A: It should not be disclosed for security. All of them are still alive rather ante.
Q: How you got back from there?
A: I got back in that way by which went and nothing to say with anybody. Later I went to my home at Vaowl Khan joined with lunch.
Q: How much distance is between your home and uncle’s?
A:  It is 5 Kilometers away. My house is in the mid road to go Najirpur from uncle’s house .I last met with my mother before going to India in the mid time, she did any types injured. All of my families were lived with mother.
Q: How many camps of Rajaker or Freedom fighter in the path of Mo.pur to Kalatia.
A: There was no camp of Freedom fighter but two Rajaker camp were there namely Ghatercar and Atibazar.
Q: When you got back through Najirpur?
A: Than was about noon.
Q: Where you fought for with special duty?
 A: No, no operation would take place or not possible. I went to India with a view to reporting on 10 November then got back.
Q:  Where you came from India?
A: I was back from India to Njirpur.
Q: where you voted in 2008?
A: I voted in Lalbagh. Mostafa Jalal mhiudin was the candidate of Awami league.
Q: Were you come to Lalbagh after 1971?
A: Though I am living in Lalbagh but deals in Karanigong.
Q: Is the Karanigong more familiar to you?
A: This is my pastoral area.
Q: Could you remember about the certificate of freedom fighter Osman Goni, Golam Mostafa?
A: They have certificate simultaneously taking Government interests.
Q: Who are alive in Mostafa family?
A: Mother of Mostafa, two brothers and 5 sisters but father is death.
 Q: Ahnedhosin is the father of Golam Mostafa? Late Mohamed Hossain is the father of Osman Goni.
A: Yes, wife of mostafa, son and daughter are alive.
Q: Was there happened any red having gotten back from India on 10 November 1971?
A: No, we faced a tiny operation but nobody has been died without said two persons. We never fought for only a single day.
Q: When and where you handed over your arms?
A: I handed over my arms to the commander of Mojib Force Mostafa Mahasin Manto.He also transferred those arms to Syikh Mojibur Rahman in January. Then General Osman Gani was the Supreme commander of Freedom fighter.
Q: Oh, Majid is alive?
A: Yes, he now in Gatarsar.
Q: For whom you have worked during 1996?
A: I worked for Mostafa Mahsin Manto the candidate of Awami league
Q: what is the condition of your litigation filed in 2007?
A: I heard that litigation was sent to this tribunal. Case no -34(12)2007.
Q: Who was the GS of DAKSU?
A: Parheps Tofiel Ahmeb but I could not accurately recall.
Q: Who were visited to your locality during 1971?
A: A, S, M, Rab, Shahjan Siraj and another 4 leaders.
Q? Who was the GS of Sahidullah Hall?
A: Most probably Qader Mollah, personally I was no clash to him but political conflict.
Q: When you knew Qader Mollah?
A: From 1969 in mass-movement but I have known to him as a secretariat member of Student Association.
Q: has Pakistan army any time required your ID card?
A: No, I never found them from very near.
Q: Have you confessed any more before?
A: I confessed upon litigation at CJM court.
Q: Have you given to anybody your certificate?
A: nobody was prone to see the certificate but spoilt into water. Later I wanted a duplicate cope to Major Haidar but not gotten owing to lack of photo machine.
Q: Have you delivered to anywhere such a confession from 1972 to 2007?
A: No.
Q” Has Qader Mullah committed any offence?
A: straining, have you seen yourself?
Q: Have you seen Qader Mullah to be involved in various criminal offences during 1971?
A: Yes, I have seen.
Q: What types of offences done by him?
A: I have seen him with Chinese rifle.