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The deposition of the second witness against Professor Golam Azam: BSF accompnied Taj Udddin and Barrister Amirul to reach Delhi with safety and proper respect.
Monday, 16 July 2012
Mahbub Uddin Ahmed, possessing special respect of Guard of Honour celebration of the Mujib Nagar government said, “I handed over Taj Uddin Ahmed and Barrister Amirul Islam to BSF with the help of the present advisor Dr. Toufi-e-Ilahi and Major Osman chowdhury”. He said Agartola Government was constituted bfeore the constitution of the Government of 17 April, 1971, Mujib Nagar.  

Mhabub Uddin Ahmed gave the deposition as the second witness against Professor Golam Azam and Muntasir Mamun gave the dposition as the first witness. The cross-examination of the second witness will be commenced on today but the croos-examination will be conducted today, rest of the cross-examination of Muntasir mamun will be conducted again when he can give time.

I was in Shatkania during 1971 as police officer and I joined in the Zenidoho, as SDPO. To hear the speech of Banghabandhu I came Dhaka with my several firends. Becuase of the obstrcution we could not hear the speech Bangha Bandhu. Later on we returend to our working fields. I stayed in Dhaka to listen the moods of the ovement. Later on I return to my office on March 17, 1971.

I coomunicated with various local political leaders and made them involved with the ansar and muzahid Taining. Toufiq-e-Ilahi, Waliul Islam, Shah Mohammd forid Uddin, Kamal Uddin Siddui (all are SDO in several dsitricts) came in my house on March 22.  We were discussing as to the movement and promised to communicate with each other. Later on we heaed that Pakistan army attacked on the Rajar Bag Police Line. Hearing this news, we went to Thana and invited the mass people in the Thana. Thousands of people were joined in the Thana.

We deciede to attack on the Pakistani army but we heard the news that the Pakistani army forwarded to us. So we thought that if we fought with Pakistani army with such weapons, we could not defeat them. So we were hiden in the sugracane field. Later on the army coming there searching us, but they did not get us, thay laft the place.

Later on we decided to create obstacle in the road so that Pakistani army could not assume from the far place. So we made the bridge of the road with water lavel and speead the alkatara so that they could not understand from the far place. In the meantime, Abu Osman Chowdhury came to us as per invitation of us. Abu Osman gave the badge to conduct the war and gave me leadership to conduct the war in Zenidoha. Present Secretary General of Awami leaguA K M A Aziz, gave me news that two guests came from Dhaka came there.  
I met with Barrister Amirul and Taj Uddin Ahmed in his residence at about 11o’ clock and said to me to paas them the boundary of the Country. I handed over them to the BSF with communicating with my friends Toufiq-e-Ilahi and The BSF reached them to the Delhi safely and wth respect.

On March 30, the peoples of Kusthia and the forces sent by us attcaked Pakistani army, became frustated and ran with aimless target. Most of them died because of the attck of the peoples and forces of us jointly. Leiutenant Ataullah shah Took rsort in the unused building and threw the bullets. Later on he was barred to throw the blllet. Probably he was first arrested Pakistani army officer.

March 31, the Pakistani army was defeated in same with the attack of our army and attack of mass people.Such attack continued upto April 10. On April 11,  they also attaked on us. They were also protested by us. April 14, we went Zenidoho, at the way of going, we took 4 croe and 40 lacs taka nd 20 kg gold was caarried by me and these were submitted to the fund of State.  The reciept of thehis amount has been reserved in the Museum of the liberation war.

Various national and international media were present in the time of taking oath. Chief whip Yousuf Ali read out the oath. Bangha Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not present there. Sayed Nazrul Islam was the Temporary president. Later on the Liberation war was conducted as per leadership of mine. On decmber 8, we freed the Shatkhira from the occupires. We took the stay in the Moniram Pur Primary school. Later on we heard the Pakistani occupiers surrendered in the Rescourse filed.

From the news coverage and the information of the Rajakars, Albadr, Asshams members who had beeen arrested during the liberation war, we came to know that the opposing the liberation war were Jamaat-e-Islami, Muslim League and PDP. After the elction of 1970, some persons were meeting with tikka Khan. From the news of such meeting I saw Golam Azam, Khaja Khoyer Uddin and M nurul Islam were present there.

Islami Chatro Sango was the Student group of Jammat-e- Islami. They constituted the Rajalkars. Golam Azam gave suggstions to constitute Asshams , al Badr and to give them legality, ansar force had been abolished. Their salary and other benefits were fixed.

We saw that these forces were constituted for obstructing the liberation war and the members of this party assisted the Pakistani army and showed the path, goli to attack on the Freedom fighters, Islami Cahtro Sangha and Jamaat-e-Islami, both were liable for this incidence and Golam  Azam is liable for the major leader of this function.

 Professor Golam  Azam is present in the tribunal today. After the liberation war, I came to Dhaka on the basis of the inviation of governemnt. I joined as Secretary of the Home ministry. I had been interrogated by the investigation officer of this case and I gave my depostion.