Saturday, 04th April, 2020
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Barrister Abdur Razzak said that if the duration of cross-examination be fixed the trial should not contain International standard.
Wednesday, 11 July 2012
If accused be aggrieved only because fixing the cross- examination period, tribunal shall consider it. Chairman of tribunal-1 Nijamul huq Nasim said this during recall petition on behalf of Gulam Azam by barrister Abdur Razzak .at very inception of proceeding barrister Abdur Razzak delivered a submission against the order given last Tuesday. He said that the allegation of “command responsibility” brought against Professor Golam Azam during liberation war in 1971. In spite of so such gigantic allegation brought against whom, if the defense advocate be barred in the time of examination there shall be a great possibility to be hampered. Abdur Rajjk said tribunal told to us this is a state tribunal but it shall maintain international standard and make a fair trail. But the duration of cross-examination be definite it must loose the international stander and never ensure a fair trail as well. This would be a bad example. In order to ensure fair trail how much a witness is authentic that must be identified. That is the way it should run. Tribunal Chairman was refused to keep defense submission and said whether the accused be hampered we will see because we are not deaf and dumb. We are really sorry not to keep your application.
                                  In absence of Mawlana Motiur Rahman, today will be held the opening statement of state party,

          Today state party shall deliver their opening statement against Ameer of jamaet Islam, ex Minister Mawlana Matiour Rahman in order to commence trail upon the basis of allegation. On the other hand defaces team has brought a time petition for 4 week and other petitions for not to complete reading of the delivered supplementary upon so brought allegation. Today Monday hearing shall firstly introduce above these petition. For this reasons Mawlana Matiur Rahman was brought to tribunal from Gazipur district prison yesterday morning. Chairman of tribunal-1 Nijamul Huq Nasim said the proceeding of Nijami will hold tomorrow morning. He should be sent to prison. But he waited at tribunal prison only because to be company with Abdul Qader mullah in same vehicle whose trail runs in tribunal-2.defence advocate Tajul Islam said today Nijami is to come to tribunal-1 but he has to go to Chittagong to be present in 10 track arms litigation. Therefore he will not present tomorrow. Tribunal said trail shall continue in absence of him. Tajul said it should not be better to submit the opening statement in absence of him also we mentioned in time petition for 4 weeks. Upon this consideration trail can be later but tribunal did not take such legal aspect and said all things shall be tomorrow.  In absence of sever patient Allama Malana Delwar Hossin Sydee, the proceeding is running in tribunal-1 and at the same tribunal the litigation of Professor Golam Azam is also running. Having reached in tribunal he become sick .Matiur Rahman is well but he has to present at another litigation for this reason, the proceedings of the tribunal  shall run in the absence of him.