Sunday, 09th August, 2020
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The date of litigation of Prof. Golam Azam is on Tuesday; witness is absent
Wednesday, 11 July 2012
State prosecutor could not present the next witness. Therefore the prosecution of Golam Azam shall be adjourned to Tuesday. In spite of the absence of witnesses, tribunal called for ninety years old a great language fighter professor Gulam Azam. Of course, due to absence of next witness he did not hold into the doc of tribunal. He was sent to prison cell of PG hospital after passing an hour in ground floor of tribunal prison. The cross-examination of first witness of the state Dr. Montasir Mamun has ended for three days but tribunal gave the chance to continue the examination up to noon. Montasir Mamun was absent yesterday next witness also. For this reason tribunal declared this litigation shall continue on Tuesday. Whether Mamun or next witness shall be present or not that day is unknown to us.