Friday, 29th May, 2020
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Deposition of the second witness against Abdul Kader Mullah, Cross examination will be held today.
Wednesday, 11 July 2012
Shahidul Islam Mama gave the deposition against the Assistant Secretary General of the Jamaate-e-Islami Abdul Kader Mullah. He gave the deposition in the International Tribunal-1 in the case of so called war crimes. He gave the deposition in the Tribunal in the half of the day and the cross-examination was conducted in the next half of the day.  Though Shahidul Islam Mullah gave the deposition on the detailed facts of the commission of crimes by the Pakistani occupier forces and Bihari in Mirpur area during 1971 but he became unable to give deposition on Whether Abdul Kader Mullah committed any offence specifically. Nevertheless Shahidul Islam Mama mentioned that such crimes were committed mainly under the leadership of the activists of Jamaat. His cross examination will be resumed again today.
Detailed description of the deposition of Shahidul Islam Mama:
Witness Shahidul Islam said in his deposition said, “I saw that the fire was spread in the houses of all Bengalis in the morning of the 26th March of 1971. In the close of my house the Bengalis were killed drastically. Most of the Biharies were joying for such killing. When I and one of my friends “Montu” came to the Hiharies, Abdul Kader Mullah said, “Arrest him”. “Arrest him”. Then we fled away. We took resort in the other side of the Turag River through the passing Turag  River”. He also added, “Zakaria  Ratan, Aktar Gunda, Hakka Gunda, Hsib Hasmi, Abbas Chairman, Nehal and other anonymous  killers killed Maherun Nessa, her two brothers and her mother on March 27, 1971  and Hakka Gunda and his gongs cut off the fingers of  Pollob bringing him from Chathari Bazar on April 5. Then he was hanged with the tree, tortured and killed. Then I went Agartola. I received the training on Gurailla attack. I participated on various operations in the country as well. Khaled Mussaraf and General Haider were our trainer in Agartola. “Hit and run” was our trick of attack. Pak force detained my brother because I participated in the war. Later on advocate Zahir Uddin recovered my brother from Pak army. Ninety-nine (99) thousands Pakistani occupier forces surrendered on December 16, 1971 but the Khan forces again declared to make Bangladesh as Pakistan and continued the killings. That is why the Mirpur area was freed from foes on January 1972 under the leadership of mine though the whole country was independent on December 16, 1971”.
Cross examination of the witness:
Question: What is the number of your residence in Mirpur?
Answer: 1/B Avenue, 1/16.
Question: Had you been living in Mirpur since 1962? When had you been born?
Answer: My birth is in 1953.
Question: Who is living in the residence of Mirpur?
Answer: My younger brother Sayed.
Question: When you left the residence of Mirpur?
Answer: After 1986. I am living in the foreign countries from then.
Question: Do the members of your family reside in Mirpur?
Answer: No, All are immigrants.
Question: Do the inhabitants of Mirpur know you?
Answer: Not only the inhabitants of Mirpur, but also peoples all over the world know me.
Question: When did you appear in the SSC examination?
Answer: I was obliged to appear as of rule in 1969. I could appear in 1969. So appeared in 1970.
Question: When had you admitted after passing the SSC examination?
Answer: Probably I appeared in the T & T college.
Question: Where had you admitted after that HSC?
Answer: I admitted in Dhaka University, Department of History in 1973. Question: In which Hall had you resided?
Answer: I was in Mohsin Hall. I also participated in class from Home also. Probably Mia Mushtak was the VP of that Hall.
Question: When had you had your honours?
Answer: I could not complete the honours because of the politics.
Question: Where had you joined in job?  When had you joined?
Answer: I worked in Bangladesh Biman. I started this job from 1986. Leaving the job, I went overseas accompanying family. I have been living in overseas till now.
Question: By carrying which country’s passport had you entered into the country?
Answer: I am the citizen of Sweden. I entered into Bangladesh carrying the passport of Sweden.
Question: when had you entered here?
Answer: Probably I came in this country on January 26, 1971.
Question: Had you come here accompanying family?
Answer: No, I had come here lonely.
Question: Where had you stayed here?
Answer: I stayed in my own flat situated in Rupnagar.
Question: Do you meet with your relatives?
Answer: Of course.
Question: What was the number of the Benglis and Biharies in  Mirpur?
Answer: Biharies were 90 percent and 10 percent were Bangalies.
Question: Was Awami League the largest political party during 1969 and 1970. Is it right?
Answer: Yes, Awami League was the largest political party.
 Question: When was Anjumane Muhajerin born?
Answer: I do not know when this party was born. I do not bother this party.