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Taking deposition had been started Against Kader Mullah: Angry behabiour of the State witnes: do not charge me, I am not paid witness:
Thursday, 05 July 2012
10th witness Muzaffor Ahmed Khan give the deposition against assistant Secreatary General of Jamaat-e-Islami abdul Kader Mullah  and the witness said in one stage that he was not person of charge he is not paid witness becuase the justice of the tribunal repeatedly wanted the answer from the witness and in this cricumtansces the witness said, “Do not charge me. why are you charging me? I will not give deposition. I will not give deposition if I am not allowed to say as my wish”.

He said , “I will not give deposition. You can do anything as your wish”. Witness Muzaffor Ahmed said at first, “ November 25, 1971 during the liberation war, he heard the sound of bullet. He came at this moment with his forces to Koltia, Nazirpur, Ghatarchar”. Muzaffor Ahmed said, “ My nephew Osman Goni and Golam Mostofa were killed  at the path . they were the members of my force. They wewe going to home by taking break. In the way, we met with my father.” After such delivery, Tribunal memebr Shahinour Islam asked witness, “Please clear the deposition that my nephew Osman Goni and Golam Mostofa were killed. Firstly you have to show how they were killed then go forward”. The witness said, “firstly I will describe the facts regarding meeting with my fahter. Then  I will discuss this matter” Tribunal member Shahinour Islam said, “This line has not been clear”. The witness angrily said, “ Why are you charging me?Allow me to say. You can do anything as your wish. I will not give the deposition if you charge me in scuh way”.

Later on, MuzafforAhmed said, “ I am not hybrid or prepared freedom fighter. I am real freedom fighter. I see several hybrid freedom fighter. I am not paid witness. I came here to give deposition by my own motion”. When the witness saying such things the procedures of the Tribunal were stopped for some moments and the Justictices were sitting in the tribunal fearlesssly.

At last the chief prosecutor Golam Arif Tipu, Prosecutor Mohammad Ali, A K M Siaful Islam and Investigation officer Abdur Razzaq  controlled the witness by drinking water to the witness and the witness agreed to deposition after 15 minutes again. Justice Shahinour Islam was silent though the Witness muzaffor ahmed gave deposition for long time.
 After taking deposition, Justice Shahinour Islam said the chief prosecutor Golam Arif Tipu, “Mr Chief Prosecutor will consider the the incidence occurred here earlier  and we will go after some moments. Hopfully you consider the matter”.

 At the beginning of the deposition Muzaffor Ahmed Khan said, “He was  a student during 1971 in a school of Kerani gonj. He was the president of then chatro league in 1969. He went to India to participater in the liberation war  accompanying his 15 friends in 171, May. He ensured his name in the Agartola Congress. At the last of the July, he was sent to Laialpur, Assam cantonment. After taking training he returned to Bangladesh accompanying 25 freedom fighters and he establsihed camp in Kerani Gonj. He moved Kolatia, Nazirpu and Ghatarchor hearing the sound of bullet . Later on he described the activities of the Rajakars and al Badrs on his home. After meeting with his fahter he said, “do not fire by the bullet of you what you own”. Then he took the shelter in the low place with his other forces.Later on the conflict continued till 11 am and 57 persons were killed on that day.After 11 am he got news that the Rajkar force and Pakistani occupiers left the place. 

After going to home, Muzaffor Ahmed saw the dead body of Osman Goni and Golam Mostofa. Later on after going to Char area, he saw hundreasds of dead bodies. He met with Abdul Mojid and Toyob. I asked who committed this incidence. They said, Novemebr 23 or 24 a meeting of muslim Laegue was held. Here Dr Zainal, Kazi Karim, Muktar Hossain, Fyzur Rahman, etc were present there. they managed this meeting by the communication with Islami chatro sangha. Abdu kader Mullah was present in that meeting. The decion of killing the mass people was taken in that meeting. He saw abdul Kader Mullah standing with weapon-handed with his other assistance at the time of killing mission

Muzaffor Ahmed again said, “ He filed a CR case in the chief Judicial magistrate court of dhaka in 2007 and case no. 17/2007 and later on it had been changed GR case. Case no. 34/12, 2007.

After the submission of the deposition of Muzaffor Ahmed, “ Muzaffor Ahmed was started cross-examined by the Advocate of Abdul Kader Mullah , Advocate Ekramul Hoque.
First of all Ekramul hoque wanted to know whether the witness has voter ID card?
Answer: In reply Muzaffor ahmed said  that he had. He showed the ID card. Question: Was the date of birth written in the voter ID card ?
Answer: It was written. March 3, 1953.
Question: Had you given vote in the 1970’s election.
Answer: I cannot remember.
Later on tribunal adjourned the cross-examination till next sunday. Besides this, the date for submission of documents of the accused and the list of the witness.

Before taking deposition Advocate Tajul islam said to the Tribunal, “ The Prosecution is changing recurrently the schedule. They did not present the witness whom they are obliged to present. Tribunal said we started. At the time such submisssion, Advocate Munshi Ahsan Kabir and Advocate Forid uddin were present for thedefence.