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Bail Petition of Sayidee rejected for 7th Times
Tuesday, 26 June 2012
Tribunal - 1 of the ICT has rejected the bail petition of Mawlana Delawar Hossain Sayidee yet again. They told that his treatment is going well and no family care is needed. Besides, they refuse to acknowledge this issue as similar with Abdul Alim’s bail issue. As the reasoning for rejection the bail petition, Tribunal highlighted two new issues which were not submitted by the Prosecution. They were - Sayidee had given a speech of 10 minits there without prior permission and another local issue of Pirojpur with a son of a Prosecution witness. However, the questioning of IO Helal Uddin was continued.
Though Defense Lawyer Tajul Islam protested this order and argued that no order can be given from outside issues of the submissions of Prosecution or Defense. Then the Tribunal stated that, the order is given, but the two issues will be omitted.
In a briefing before the Journalists, Tajul Islam said that Sayidee is in middle of life and death, so family care was required for the betterment of the last few days of his life. This ground is much more stronger than the grounds of Abdul Alim. If bail is not given, then what was the necessity of the provision of Bails in the Act and rules, which were framed by the Tribunal? Even a drug addict son of a Prosecution witness causes a clash between two factions of Chhatra League, that has been given color as Sayidee’s supporters fault. This is based on some Newspaper report and it is totally false.
Tajul said that, it was said that by praying for the deceased son and by speaking for a few moments, Sayidee breached the Parole rules. Our current Prime Minister took part in Election on Parole. Was that a violation too !
Prosecutor Sayed Haydar Ali said that, as fair treatment of Sayidee is going on, there is no necessity of Bail. However, on 23rd August of Last year, bail petition of Sayidee was rejected for sixth time.
IO of Mawlana Sayidee’s case Helal Uddin was questioned by Defense Lawyers for 1 hour. It was limited within the scrutiny and examination of the videos submitted by the Prosecution. It showed that, the Houses which were shown as Makhon Saha’s house, was actually Bipan Saha’s property.
IO of Mawlana Sayidee’s case Helal Uddin was questioned by Advocate Mijanul Islam, and assisted by Advocate Monjur Ahmed Ansary and Abu Bakar Siddik.
Question - Did you collect the footages from the place of occurrence?
Answer - Yes
Question - How many photos of PO-5 are there? What did you mean by that?
Answer -5. Here PO means the Jetty of Baleshwar River and Pirojpur Hospital.
Question - What is the distance between Baleshwar River and Pirojpur Hospital?
Answer - approx 1 and a half kilometers in West.
Question - You meant Mark 1 as Hospital only, in PO 5?
Answer - Mark 1 was the Hospital
Question - How many places are there in Mark 1?
Answer - 18 places, with 20 photographs
Question - Is there any Date Token on Exhibit 12 and movie file of PO 5?
Answer - Yes
Question - There are 4 movie files in exhibit 12. Please specify the modified date
Answer - 22nd February at 8:41 pm.
Question - How many files are there in the PO of Exhibit 12?
Answer - 3
Question - Please specify the tokens
Answer - April 1st 2010 at 12:00 am, 22nd September 2010 and 22nd September 2010.
Question - On Exhibit 12, what are the photos of PO 6?
Answer - Pictures of Parerhat Bondor bazar
Question - What was the modified date of this video?
Answer - 22nd February 2012
Question - Is this footage of Parerhat Bondor bazaar full, or partial?
Answer - Partial
Question - Whose shop is that (showing a photo)
Answer - Firstly he said Makhon Saha, and then said Modon Saha
Question - It’s a two storied structure?
Answer - yes
Question - The upper floor is above the Lower wall?
Answer - yes
Question - What does the 2nd photo say
Answer - 5 Tohobil
Question - You wrote that?
Answer - yes
Question - It’s a Tin door over wooden frame?
Answer - yes
Question - So you compiled 5 movie files to make 1?
Answer - I forgot the exact number.
Helal Uddin is to be questioned again today.