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Questioning of IO Helal continues Bisabali or his family, villagers weren’t brought to the Tribunal in fear of exposing the truth
Wednesday, 27 June 2012
Prosecution had fixed three witnesses in Umedpur village, but none of them were produced before the Court. A charge of torturing and murder a person named Bisabali of this village has been brought against Mawlana Delawar Hossain Sayidee. Though the Charge says that it was conducted under command and supervision of Mawlana Syaidee, Defense lawyer said that none of the witnesses from that were produced before the Court, because it will expose the truth. Many of the relatives of Bisabali are still alive but none of them were produced before the Court.
Defense Lawyer Advocate Mijanul Islam along with Advocate Monjur Ahmed Ansary, Tajul Islam and Abu Bakar Siddik questioned IO Helal Uddin for about three hours which was mostly limited within a video clip and some still pictures. It was held on Tribunal - 1 headed by Justice Nizamul Haq in absence of Mawlana Sayidee.
Some parts of the questioning are below -
Question - How far is Hasina Academy from Selim Chairman’s house?
Answer - about hundred meters in South
Question - You went there?
Answer - no, I passed in front of it.
Question - Is it near Chithlia or Badura?
Answer - Its not in my note.
Question - How far is Parerhat Bondor bridge from Selim Chairman’s house?
Answer - Just in the northern west side
Question - Badura village is long in North South, or East West?
Answer - I don’t know
Question - and Chithulia?
Answer - Its long in North South
Question - What is the first photo of exhibit 12?
Answer - It only has the numbers, no caption
Question - The next photo?
Answer - House of Manik Pashari
Question - Next photo is same, but from different angle?
Answer - yes
Question - Whose house is this, in the photo behind you?
Answer - It’s the bazar
Question - Is this bridge is the bridge beside Selim Chairman’s house?
Answer - Yes
Question - The photo shows Karmakar Processing. So this place was not the Karmakar Para of 1971?
Answer - No
Question - So it’s the main bazaar?
Answer - a part of it, but which is the main bazaar I don’t know.
Question - Which side of it is the Kalimondir?
Answer - In South eastern side.
Question - What is the date token and modified date?
Answer - 26/2/2011
Question - what is in the next image?
Answer - Parerhat Thana ghat
Question - The huts over their, are they shop or house?
Answer - both of them are shops
Question - Who is the owner of the Ghat facaing shop?
Answer - Saiful
Question - Did you qizzed him?
Answer - No
Question - Who is the person with White fatua ?
Answer - Kholilur Rahman
Question - Was he a witness?
Answer - yes
Question - Who is the owner of the fruit shop?
Answer - His name is Dalil, I don’t have much info about him.
Question - Is there any shop around there in 1971?
Answer - Yes, but the owners are changed
Question - Who are the present owners?
Answer - I don’t know.
Question - Whose ahops were around there?
Answer - Makhon Saha, Modon Saha, Bipon Saha
Question - whose house is that in the next photo?
Answer - Selim Khan
Question - What was the token date and modified date of the next photo?
Answer - 6th April 2011, same date.
Question - What is the next photo?
Answer - Its Manik Pashari’s house
Question - On which side the Parerhat bondor is situated?
Answer - South eastern side
Question - The jetty still usable?
Answer - yes
Question - Is there any employee of 1971 working there?
Answer - Some of them are my witness
Question - name them
Answer - Manik Pasari, Mofizuddin
Question - Did you find the owners of the launchs or boats harbored here in 1971?
Answer - No
Question - Was there any habitat here in 1971?
Answer - yes
Question - Where does Gourango Pal live?
Answer - At PArerhat
Question - You questioned him?
Answer - He is dead
Question - Where are his children?
Answer - One lives n India, another in Parerhat
Question - Manik Pasari, Mofizuddin live in Parerhat?
Answer - Yes
Question - You didn’t examine any people from Parerhat
Answer - not true
Question - You didn’t make any witness from Parerhat Bandar?
Answer - not true
Question - how many movie files are there in exhibit 12?
Answer - 4 in 9th PO
Question - What is the writing of MS Word file in the first video?
Answer - my writings
Question - Where does Abdul Halim Babul live?
Answer - at Nolbunia, Indurkali village
Question - You added them later?
Answer - yes
Question - The files of PO 9 was combined and edited?
Answer - yes
Question - what was the modified date?
Answer - 26/2/2012
Question - when did you take picture?
Answer - 30/8/2010 and 6/4/2011. I took picture of Bisabali’s house on 30/8/2010
Question - What is the population of Umedpur
Answer - I don’t know
Question - What is the population of Umedpur in 1971?
Answer - I don’t know
Question - What is the population of Nolbunia?
Answer - I don’t know
Question - Is it a very crowdy place?
Answer - no
Question - How many houses do Abdul Halim has?
Answer - 2
Question - There are 8/10 houses aroung his?
Answer - 5/6
Question - Whose houses are those?
Answer - Nasiruddin, Faruk, Azhar and Rashid
Question - Did you meet Nasiruddin?
Answer - no
Question - Did you meet Faruk?
Answer - No
Question - Did you meet Azhar?
Answer - No, I didn’t meet anyone
Question - When did you go to Abdul Halim’s house?
Answer - On 6/4/2011
Question - Did you meet him there first?
Answer - No, I met him on 20/9/11.
Question - Did you give him a notice?
Answer - No
Question - Does his parents are living?
Answer - Its not in my note
Question - Abdul Halim’s mother is alive, but she didn’t agree to give false testimony, that is why you didn’t present her.
Answer - not true
Question - What dose Salam Mahbub do?
Answer - I can’t say
Question - He doesn’t even live here
Answer - not true
Question - Did you find any man over 60 years at Nolbunia?
Answer - yes, they are my witnesses.
Question - Did you find Joynal (52), Rafik (60), Faruk (60), Hemayet Uddin (70) in that village
Answer - no
Question - They were close to Babul. If they were brought, truth will be exposed
Answer - not true
Question - Who is standing in front of Babul’s house?
Answer - Babul himself
Question - What is the next picture?
Answer - Babul’s house from a different angle
Question - Who is elder, Bisabali or Sukhabali?
Answer - Bisabali
Question - Was he married?
Answer - I don’t know
Question - Who looks after Bisabali’s house?
Answer - Sukhabali
Question - how many brothers are they?
Answer - two
Question - They lived in Umedpur?
Answer - yes
Question - Who was their father?
Answer - Lalit Kumar Bali
Question - how many brothers were they
Answer - I don’t know
Question - Is there any relatives of Bisabali and Sukhabali?
Answer - I don’t know
Question - What was the population of Umedpur in 1971 now?
Answer - I don’t know
Question - What is the population of Umedpur now?
Answer - I don’t know
Question - There are about fifty houses?
Answer - more than 20
Question - How many witnesses did you got from Umedpur?
Answer - 3
Question - None of them was presented in the Court?
Answer - yes
Question - how many people were adult in 1971?
Answer - 15-20
Question - How many of them suffered in 1971?
Answer - all of them