Friday, 18th September, 2020
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Degradation of the physical Condition of Mawlana Sayidee At Least One family member should be permitted in Hospital - pleading to the Tribunal
Wednesday, 27 June 2012
Severely ill Mawlana Sayidee’s physical condition is been degraded at an alarming rate. He even lost the capacity of eating, toilet or changing dress. So, an application is been filed before the Tribunal to allow at Least One family member in Hospital for full time service.
The application said, Mawlana Sayidee is facing severe complicacy in his alone treatment and his life is been risked. At Least one family member should be stayed in Hospital for full time service. If that is not permitted, his life would be endangered. Jail Authority is not allowing anyone to stay by his side. That is why intervention of the Tribunal is required in order to save Sayidee.
Mawlana Sayidee is in treatment at Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital in a severe situation. Last 13th June his elder son Rafeeq bin Sayidee died on a hear attack. After returning from his Janaza, Sayidee felt severe chest pain and was admitted to Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital. A mild heart attack was found which caused four new blocks in his heart. He was taken at National Heart Foundation for Angioplasty and four new rings were placed in his heart, he had two old rings in his heart. He got another mild heart attack in the middle of his treatment. His life is endangered.