Thursday, 04th June, 2020
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Hearing on the Review Petition of the Charge against Kader Mollah Today
Saturday, 09 June 2012
A review petition is been filed against the Formal Charges brought Abdul Kader Mollah, the Assistant Secretry General of Jamaat-e-Islami in the International Crimes Tribunal. Hearing on this petition will be held today at 10:30 am Morning at Tribunal 2. Before that, Tribunal ordered to file formal charge against him on 6 specific grounds, though Kader Mollah claimed himself innocent and stated the charges as false. intentional and fabricated. Even charges is been brought against him on incidents took place on Dhaka, but Kader Mollah claimed that he was never been in Dhaka at that period.
Last 28th May, Tribunal 2 comprised of Judges ATM Fazle Kabir, Obayedul Hasan and Shahinul Islam ordered to file the Charge and fixed 20th June as the date for opening statements.
There is no specific charge or place related to Abdul Kader Mollah. In tha filed Charge, the place had been Mentioned as Mirpur 12 to Mirpur 1, and the span of time was 25th March to 16th December. On 7th March, hearing on framing the Charges against Kader Mollah was started. After shifting the case on Tribunal 2, on 16th May that hearing was completed.
Lawyers of the Defense Team will argue in various legal points and also on facts. As they Tribunal rejected the Discharge petitions filed before, Lawyers of the Defense Team filed the Review Petition.