Saturday, 06th June, 2020
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No news had been published as to the role of Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee in the newspaper prevalent at the time of liberation war
Wednesday, 06 June 2012
Advocate Mizanul Islam cross-examined the Investigation Officer (IO) for thirtieth day on the case filed against prominent Mufassir-e-Qurna moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee for the so called crimes against humanity. From the cross-examination, it had been brought out that no news had been published as to the role of Moulana Sayeedee in any newspaper prevalent during 1971 or the post-liberation  Awami League government .
The IO himself said in the recurrent question that no newspaper published any news on the role of Sayedee during 1971 and IO informed that he dissected the newspapers published during the liberation war. Cross examination started at about 12 pm on yesterday and it was again started after launch at about 2 pm and it was ended at about 3 pm. The cross of IO will be again started today, Tuesday. Advocate Kofil Uddin Chowdhury,   Barrister tanvir Al Amin assisted in the cross examination Yesterday, Monday. 
The description of the cross-examination of yesterday is the following:
Question: Does the existence of the “Banglar Bani” continue now?
Answer: No.
Question: Had the activities of the “Rajakars” during the liberation war been published in the newspaper?
Answer: It had been published in some cases.
Question: What kind of speech is it? The activities of the Rajakars were published in some cases and these were not published in another cases.
Prosecutor: Say whether it was published or not.
Lawyer: You could not collect any information as to Sayedee though you had collected many newspapers as to the prejudicial activities committed during liberation war 1971?
Answer: I had submitted to the prosecutor to submit the newspapers which had been published during the liberation war 1971
Question: No one of the newspaper collected by you contained the activities of Sayedee?
Answer? No.
Question: Had any newspaper published anything as to Sayedde before the liberation war?
Answer: I did not seize or collect any newspaper of that time?
Question: Had any news as to sayedee been published in any newspaper during December 16, 1971 to August 15, 1975?
Answer: No.
Question: Had you collected “the Daily Ittefaq”?
Answer: Yes.
Question: From where had you collected “The Daily Ittefaq”?
Answer: Bangla Academy.
Question: Were there only seized newspapers or any other newspapers?
And whether any other copy of the same newspaper?
Answer: There were the newspapers of other days.
Question: Had you seen all other newspapers.
Answer: I had seen these newspapers for the necessity of the case
Question: The news of Tafsirul Quran Mahfil of Delwar Hossain Sayedee had been published and this mahfil was held in the field of the  T and T Colony and on December 29, 1974. Since the information of self-hiding of Moulana Sayedee was given, so you did not seize that newspaper.
Answer: It is not true.
Question: you had said earlier that you had dissected the newspaper of 1971 to 1975. But you did not see and seize the newspaper of 1974? How is it possible?
Answer: It is not true.
Question: Had you collected each and every newspaper only for the necessity of the case?
Answer: Yes.
Later on the Tribunal was adjourned upto 2 pm for launch break. The description of the question and answer when the cross-examination was held after launch break
Question: How many newspapers you had dissected for the necessity of the case?
Answer: 10
Question: Among these, which year’s “The Daily Ittefaq” had you dissected?
Answer: 1971 and 1972.
Question: How many years of “The Daily Sangram” had you dissected?
Answer: 1971
Question: Had you dissected “The Daily Purbo Desh”?
Answer: Yes, I dissected “the Daily Purbo Desh” of 1970.
Question: Which years’ “The Daily Azad” had you dissected?
Answer: 1971 and 1972.
Question: What publication of “The Daily Sangbad” had you dissected?
Answer: I did not dissect “The Daily Sangbad”.
Question: Which dates’ remaining newspapers had you dissected?
Answer: The daily JanaKantha 2000, 2001, 2007, 2010 and 2002. Samakal of 2007, Bhurer Kahoj 2007 and 2008. New age of 2004, the Daily Pakistan 1970 and 1971. The Daily Down of 1970.
Question: No news as to role of Sayedee during 1971 had been published in the daily Ittefaq, the Daily Azad, the daily Purbo Desh, the Daily Down, and the daily Paakistan?
Answer: No, not published.
Question: “The daily Janokantha”  and “the Daily Bhurer Kagoj” started its publication in the early stage of the Ninety decade?
Answer: I cannot mention or say the date of the publication.
Question: “The daily Samakal” and “the Daily New age” had started their publication in 2005 and in 2006 respectively.
Answer: I do not know.
Question: There are many newspapers are prevalent in the Country other than these newspapers?
Answer: Yes.
Question: How had you been ensured that the newspapers other than the newspapers you dissected or observed or seized  do not contain any materials as to Activities of the role of Sayeee?
Answer: I went several places where the newspapers are available and I searched the newspaper and various information and from such newspapers and the information I had been ensured.
Question: Had you meant by book  13 books which you had mentioned during the deposition.
Answer: I had seen other books than thirteen books.