Saturday, 06th June, 2020
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Safe House Official to Present before the Tribunal Today
Saturday, 09 June 2012
The Safe House officials, who are responsible for the Prosecution witnesses of Mawlana Delawar Hossain Sayidee. Tribunal 1 ordered them to be there on 3rd June.
A review petition had been filed from the Defense team to reconsider the order given by the Tribunal accepting the written statements of the absconding witnesses. During the hearing of this petition, Lawyers of the Defense Team submitted all the Documents of Safe House proving the presence and maintenance of the Prosecution witnesses, who were claimed as absconding. The documents proved that all the witnesses who were claimed as absconding, were in direct touch of the Safe House and all of their activities is recorded in the Log book of Safe House.
Though Prosecutor Haydar Ali told to the Tribunal that Prosecution has no Safe House. Those documents are the productions of the Defense Team.
Before denying the existence of such safe house Justice Nizamul Haq asked Barrister Razzak about the address of the Safe House. Then Barrister Razzak read out as - 645, Atish Dipankar Building, Police Tower, Golapbagh, Dhaka. Then debate started on this address, and Justice Nizamul Haq asked the IO Helal Uddin about the Safe House.
Safe House dairy is been spread out in the cyber world. On a page of the Safe House it says, International Crimes Tribunal Investigation Cell - Safe House, Golapbagh, Dhaka.General Dairy Book 0106304. Three Telephone number is also printed in the page - 7547807, 7547804 and 7547810. On November 2011, Telephone bill of these three phones were Tk. 4912, 4114 and 4168. Then it says - For Telephones bills it is sent to the ICT Head Office. After searching the BTCL record book, phone bills of those three numbers directed the aforementioned address and at the name of the subscriber, it said - International Crimes Tribunal.
At that page, names of the On Duty Police officials were also found. It said - Inspector Amzad Hossain, Sub Inspector Kalachand Ghosh and Abdullah Al Baki. On duty constables were Monir, Masum, Robiul, Jamal, Pradip, Tuhin.