Saturday, 06th June, 2020
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Dairy of the Govt. Safe House is now in Facebook
Saturday, 02 June 2012
The diary of the Govt. Safe House which had kept the log of the witnesses for Prosecution in the case of Maolana Delawar Hossain Sayidee is now found in Facebook. The log showed the records of the Witnesses coming from Pirozour, staying at the Safe House and then returning back to home. Generallt Police takes care of them and now these logs are available on Facebook.
On 20th March, Prosecution filed an application stating that no traces of the 46 out of all the witnesses of this case are found. Subsequently Tribunal - 1 accepted the written statements of the 15 absent witnesses as their testimony. On the application submitted on 20th March, Prosecution explained the reasons for not presenting the witnesses before the Tribunal. It showed that 5 of them were lost whereas 3 of them absconded to India, 14 of them could be found and some of them were severely ill.
Daily Amar Desh published a report on this issue where it was shown that all of the witnesses were staying in touch of the Prosecution safely at home. The report also indicated the names of the witnesses and the time they remained in the safe house.
Some relevant parts of that report published in Amar Desh is quoted below -

This information now becomes openly available in the Cyber world.
Now Defense Team had pleaded for reconsidering the order accepting the written statement of the absent witnesses. On May 22nd, Barrister Razzak submitted his arguments with support from evidences based on reports of Diganta TV and Islamic TV. He claimed that, the explanation brought up by the Prosecution for the failure of presenting the Witnesses is false.
However, Prosecutor Sayed Haydar Ali claimed at the hearing that the information given at that report was wrong.