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Charge had been framed against Kader Mullah I am completely innocent, I was not in Dhaka during 71: Kader Mullah
Monday, 04 June 2012
International crimes tribunal-2 gave the order for framing charge of crimes against humanity against the Assistant secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Abdul Kader Mullah. Tribunal gave such order yesterday mentioning the six crimes amounting crimes against humanity and fixed June 20 for introductory speech. The prosecution and the defence team had been ordered for submitting the list of the witnesses. Abdul Kader Mullah said at the time of framing charge, “I am completely innocent and I was not in Dhaka during 1971”.
“The jamaat leaders have to stand in the witness box for standing against the Awami League in politics. The Prosecution filed and submitted 8 accusations against Abdul Kader Mullah but the tribunal keeping 6 accusations gave the order of framing charge. We shall submit the review application against the order of the Tribunal .Time is fixed for 7 days for filing a review application”, Barrister Razzaq said.
I am completely innocent , I was not in Dhaka during 1971:  Abdul Kader Mullah: Before framing charge A T M Fazle Kabir, the chairman of the Tribunal-2 said, “You had been heard as to the incidence of six matters on the basis of which incidence you had been charged  of 1971 and Mr Abdul Kader Mullah , you had heard it. Now what is your demand, guilty or innocent? 
Abdul Kader Mullah said in the reply, “I want to say several points”. The tribunal said, “Say only whether you are guilty or not, you are not allowed to say anything else in this time”. Abdul Kader Mullah said, “I did never hear the accusations brought against me. I am completely innocent. I was not in Dhaka during that time”.
I went to Faridpur leaving Dhaka on March 12 or March 13 and I came Dhaka in July only for two days to appear in the examination and returned Faridpur after completing the examination.
Justice A T M Fazle Kabir said, “You said you were not in Dhaka and you were not involved in any incidence, is it right”? Advocate Forid Uddin Khan said, “He wants to say something”.
Tribunal said, “No word of him will be given in the Order”. Abdul Kader Mullah said, “I said in the safe home at the time of interrogation, the persons of Awami League with whom I was introduced and familiar during 1971, they know about me. The statement of mine given in the safe home did not come in the record”. 
Justice Fazle Kabir said, “We suppose that the accused demands himself as innocent”. He said, “He was not in Dhaka during 1971 and we have nothing to say about this”.
Trial will be held on everyday: Tribunal:
Tribunal added, “The next June 20 has been fixed for giving the introductory speech, trial will be held on every day, all documents have to be submitted on that day”. After giving order Advocate Forid Uddin said, “The prosecution will give the statement on June 20 and the defence team have to be given the time”.
Tribunal: How many times you require”
Forid Uddin Khan: Two months are required for taking preparation.
Tribunal: You will say on June 20 for time. Later on when the prosecutor Mohammad Ali wanted to say something, the tribunal said, say something after seeing the copy of order”.
At the time of giving the order of the court, “The chief of defence lawyer Barrister Abdur Razzaq, Advocate Forid Uddin, Barrister Imran Siddiqui in favour of the Accused and Prosecutor Mohammad Ali, Rana Das Gupta, Mukhlesur Rahman Badol in favour of the Government were present.

The application for including six witnesses has been granted:
The tribunal started to give order on yesterday, at about 10.40 am and the chairman of the tribunal, Justice Fazle Kabir said, “Three petitions had been submitted in the hearing of the framing of charge”. Another application says as to the amendment of the Formal Charge. The tribunal member Obaidul Hasan will give the order on those applications”.
Later on Obaidul Hasan read out the written order and the written order allows the inclusion of the six witnesses but the application for amendment of the formal charge had been discharged. The defence council showed the rule that the order of inclusion of the six witness was not right.
Tribunal said, “No scope to say anything after giving order, you can file review application”.
“If you do not understand or continue, you can leave the case”: Tribunal
When the statement of the Defence council Forid Uddin Khan was completed, the tribunal said intending the prosecutor Mohaamd Ali, “why you came here after ten minutes late? You came here late notwithstanding knowing that the order will be given today. No one of prosecution team was present here. It is totally unfair. If you do not continue, leave the case”.