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Secretary General expresses frustration over newly formed ‘Search Committee’
Thursday, 26 January 2017

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 26th January, 2017 in regards to the 6 member Search committee which has been formed as per the directions of the honorable President Md. Abdul Hamid on 25th January in order to reconstitute the election commission.

“Following the serious of dialogue of different parties with the honorable President Md. Abdul Hamid, the countrymen expected that the honorable President would consider the views of the participant political parties and the people to form a search committee comprising the impartial people in a bid to constitute a credible election commission. But the countrymen became extremely frustrated to see the outcome of the dialogue, the 6 member search committee.

A light was seen at the end of the tunnel as the honorable President took an initiative to hold dialogue with the political parties, but that is turning into a deep disappointment. Now a little hope is left for the people to see a credible and impartial election commission.

Recently outgoing failed Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Rakib Uddin Ahmed has said that ‘the upcoming election commission will hold the similar fair election as we had.’ Question has raised among the mass people witnessing the newly formed search committee that whether this ridiculous forecast of the outgoing CEC is going to be happened real? Such an ill effort is extensively painful and shameful for the entire nation.

Fair, impartial and credible election is no way possible without an independent and fair election commission. Now a process is apparently going on to set up an election commission comprising some clearly known partisan peoples. So the people is in deep worries, whether they will get back their voting rights or not? When our beloved Bangladesh and its democracy would be free from curses of uncertainty and autocracy?

The people have to make effort to regain their voting rights. In this backdrop, I am urging the countrymen to raise their voice to restore their voting rights.”