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Acting Secretary General condemns the brutal mass killings against Rohingya Muslims; calls for international investigation
Monday, 14 November 2016

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 14th November, 2016 expressing deep concern as the Myanmar Army men opened fire near Dar Gyi Zar village at Rakhine state of Myanmar which left at least 25 Rohingya Muslims killed and many others injured.

“At least 25 25 Rohingya Muslims have been killed, many others became injured and hundreds of homes have been burnt to the ground in Rakhine state of Myanmar. Many Rohingya peoples were forcefully evacuated as well. Such a brutal killing of the Myanmar government is similar to genocide.

Myanmar authority has opened fire from two helicopter gunships upon the unarmed Rohingya Muslims and murdered them indiscriminately. We have been observing with great concern that, the government of Myanmar has been conducting such mass killing against the Rohingya Muslims for long days. 3 decades back, the Myanmar authorities forced the Rohingya Muslims to push in Bangladesh. Till date, they did not take back those impoverished peoples. They are living deplorably in Bangladesh. The recent attacks have made almost 4 hundred Rohingya Muslims completely homeless. They are also leading a deplorable life. 

The authority of Myanmar is busy in donducting inhuman task of eliminating the Muslim communities. I am urging the Myanmar government to stop such brutalities. Impartial investigation should be made into these incidents from the part of Myanmar government and the international level.

I am urging the United Nations, OIC, all international watchdogs and the peace loving people around the world to undertake effective measures for stopping genocide in Myanmar and to rehabilitate the victims Rohingya Muslims.