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Acting Secretary General demands judicial probe into the Santal killing incident
Sunday, 13 November 2016

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 13th November, 2016 expressing deep concern as the police and the miscreants had jointly attacked and set fire at the houses of establishments of the Santal ethnic community dominated Madarpur village of Shahebganj in Gaibandha district\'s Gobindaganj.

“Around 200 Santal families are living miserably under open sky at Madarpur village of Shahebganj in Gaibandha district\'s Gobindaganj. They do not have the houses to reside in. They also do not have food, drinking water, dresses and even the minimum medical treatment facilities.

The tripartite clash between police, sugarcane mill staffs and the Santal community peoples on November 6 ensued at Shahebganj cane farm of Rangpur Sugar Mills over harvesting sugarcane and ownership dispute of some 1,842 acres of land. The clash left three Santals dead and many others injured. The incidents of attacks, looting and arson have taken place in presence of the law enforcers. The miscreants have looted the tins of the Santal homes, household accessories, domestic cattle and even their dresses. The government did not send any assistance to these victim people so far. Such a treatment of the government with the Santal peoples is very unjust and inhuman. I am urging the local and international human rights watchdogs and the concerned countrymen to raise voice against the attack, looting and arson of the goons against the Santan ethnical people.

In addition, I am calling upon the concerned authorities to conduct a judicial investigation into the incident, to take punitive measures against the miscreants and to pay due compensation to the victim Santals. I am also extending my deep sympathy to the deceased and affected Santal families and their relatives.”