Tuesday, 11th August, 2020
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Amnesty International criticized Tribunal acutely
Monday, 28 May 2012
International Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International provided in its report, “International Tribunal constituted for the purpose of trying war crimes in Bangladesh does not maintain international standard completely”. Amnesty International published its annual report where one chapter had been accommodated on the trial of war criminals in Bangladesh and the annual report of Amnesty is made actually on human rights situation all over the world on last Thursday
The report added, “Such trial had various faults which to some extent been removed but it could not follow the international standard completely”. Researcher of Bangladesh Affairs of Amnesty International, Abbas Foyez said, “They think the international Tribunal cannot follow the international standard and it cannot become internationally standard”.
Amnesty added, “Human Rights and justice of the person tried have to be carefully observed accompanying with the human rights and justice of the victim for the purpose of ensuring the international standard of the International crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh”.
As per statement of Abbas Foyez, “the victims of the war of 1971 have the rights to have the justice and at the same time that the person against whom trial is conducting has also the rights to appear and to be heard, or they are not tortured is to be ensured”.
“Abbas Foyez also added, “That the decision of the tribunal cannot be challenged in any court, tribunal or any authority in the country is the significant problem of Human rights”. 
Mr. Foyez further added, “The impartiality of the trial has to be ensured along with bail of the accused and security of the witnesses is to be ensured had been advised by the tribunal. But several changes had been made as to bail and security of witnesses and such trend to change the rules is positive. But more changes have to be made to create impartiality in the trial as per opinion of the Amnesty and this had been informed to the authority of Bangladesh by Amnesty”.
Foyez also added, “The lawyers of the accused did not get proper information. Here there are several irregularities which are complete violation of Internal Human Rights. We informed the authority that we are not satisfied with this issue totally”.
“Amnesty informed that they observing the trial carefully”. Abbas Foyez added, “We also informed that if anything is occurred violating human rights, Amnesty will come forward to oppose it”.
Source BBC.