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Mir Quasem’s son picked up ‘by unidentified plaincloths lawmen’
Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s detained central Executive Committee Member Mir Quasem Ali’s son Mir Ahmad Bin Quasem, also a lawyer, has been picked up by civilian dressed men from his residence on Tuesday night, according to his family.    

His wife Tahmina Akhtar told the media that after the calling-bell of their Mirpur DOHS house rang around 11:00pm, they opened the door and found five people standing.    

“They enquired about my husband. By this time, my husband came to the scene and they told him to go along them,” claimed Tahmina Akhtar.    

She said the five people did not disclose their identities even after repeated requests.    

“When my husband declined to go along with them, they dragged him to the downstairs.”    

Tahmina alleged that they put her husband into a big microbus and went away.      
  When contacted, Pallabi police station officer-in-charge Dadan Fakir said they have no information about the incident and the arrest of Ahmed Bin Quasem.    

The family of Ahmed Bin Quasem, however, suspected that the five people are plainclothes lawmen. Later Tahmina posted a status from his facebook account in which she stated that, “\'Just before 11pm, my husband was picked up from our flat by 10-12 men in plain clothes. Our two daughters were with us at the time. My husband repeatedly asked them to let him know where he was being taken. However, they refused. After about 10-12 minutes, they said that they'd have to force him to come with them. They took him downstairs and forced him into a microbus with tinted glass.   

I didn't have a car with me at the moment, so we couldn't follow my husband\'s abductors. Also, my two daughters, both of whom are under 5, were crying, so I couldn't leave them alone for long.  We have no idea where he's at the moment and are extremely concerned about his safety.  If possible, please help us trace his whereabouts.'    
“Barrister Mir Ahmad Bin Quasem has just been abducted by few civilians dressed so called legal force! Without any uniform...without any kind of arrest warrant  legal notice....They grab him ...and push us women away while we tried to resist .. and took him in a white micro ....We had absolutely no idea where !!! Plz inform to whom it may ....kindly help us .....Specially his friends and colleagues...plz !!!,” read a Facebook post of his sister Taher Tasnim.