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Death penalty not way for social reconciliation: Turkey insists
Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Turkish ambassador to Bangladesh Devrim Ozturk said his country does not have any intention to interfere in Bangladesh\'s internal affairs but underlined that capital punishment is not the way for social reconciliation.

Describing Turkish relations with Bangladesh as ‘very good and cordial’, the diplomat said what they do is just ‘brotherly advice’ but not interference in Bangladesh\'s domestic affairs. “It’s a misunderstanding.”

“It’s our priority… my priority to work on promoting the existing excellent relations…we are supporting each others in every possible way,” Devrim Ozturk said while addressing a press conference at a city hotel on the recent failed coup attempt in Turkey and his government’s current position.

Asked whether they have sympathy for Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and reservation to current government, the diplomat said they do not have any “reservation” towards the current government or any political parties as they have cordial relations with all “legal” political parties.

Ambassador Devrim Ozturk returned to Dhaka on Friday last after long three months\' stay in the Turkish capital of Ankara as \'tension\' between the two countries apparently over the execution of Jamaat leaders has eased.

Bangladesh ambassador to Turkey M Allama Siddiki also joined his office in Ankara.

Both countries had called back their ambassadors for \'consultations\' following the execution of Jamaat chief Matiur Rahman Nizami. He was executed on 11 May this year.

After the incident, Bangladesh described its relations with Turkey as “normal” and there has been no \'rift\' even after Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan\'s reaction to Nizami.

Erdogan\'s predecessor Abdullah Gul had also requested the Bangladesh government in 2012 not to pursue the trial of Jamaat leaders.

A questioner wanted to know whether Turkey is softening its position on Bangladesh affairs after the current Turkish government survived through failed coup attempt.

In response, he said, “We didn’t change our position…we give importance to develop our relations with Bangladesh. That’s all our intention. Our approach to Bangladesh is very cordial and there is no shift from that.”

Replying to another query, Devrim Ozturk told reporters that they will talk to the government as they want to bring changes in administration at International Turkish Hope Schools operating in Bangladesh.

“At least, I think, the administration (of schools) should be changed,” he said when asked whether they are suggesting shutting down those two schools.

He also said the normalcy is back in his country with economic and other activities are going on as usual in Turkey.

The ambassador said his government will make sure transparent trial of those involved in the failed coup attempt and things will be done according to their law.

Earlier, a video documentary was screened based on the events related to the failed coup attempt.

Describing the scenario, the ambassador said it has been a milestone in Turkish democratic history as people had foiled the coup attempt.

He also said apart from people of all walks of life, media also played a very strong role in foiling the coup attempt.

Some 240 government supporters and at least 24 coup plotters were killed in Turkey following the failed coup attempt last month.