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June 5 fixed for introducing speech and deposition Charge had been framed against Profesor Goalm Azam
Friday, 18 May 2012
Staff Reporter: The charge of crimes against humanity had been framed against the previous Ameer-e-Jamaat Professor Golam Azam and the June 5 had been fixed for opening statement of the prosecution and the prosecution had been ordered for the delivery of the documents to the defence team.
The tribunal chairman started to read out the charge against the previous Amee-e-Jamaat professor Golam Azam .Tribunal chairman read out it up to 12. 40pm where he mentioned the meeting, speech, seminars and appointment with the Rajkars etc. The genocide of March 25, meeting with Yahiya, Tikka khan etc were mentioned. The speech of him had been mentioned as encouragement to conduct the genocide, rape, killing conflict firing etc in various areas.
The order also mentioned that the peace committee, Rajakars, Al Bador, Asshams, Pioneer force, Muzahid Bahini was constituted as per command of the Golam Azam in various areas.the responsibility to provide the weapons to these forces and the responsibility for recommendation for these forces vested on Professor Golam Azam.
After liberation Golam Azam constituted the “committee of recovery of east Pakistan” in London and he conducted campaign against the independent Bangladesh .In London he published a newspaper titled “Sonar Bangla” where he preached against Bangladesh.
Before framing charge sheet, the date for framing charge sheet had been changed for several times because of not completing the dissection of document submitted against Golam Azam.
Charge of 191 pages has been submitted by the prosecution against Golam Azam where the paper cutting, CD , documentary film  and the prosecution started to give deposition on March 29.
January 11, 2102 Golam Azam being present submitted application for the bail, but it has not been allowed rather he had been sent to jail. Becasue oh his physical condition he has been given cell in the BSMMU. Before the presence of Golam Azam in the tribunal, the formal charge against Golam Azam had been accepted by the Tribunal.62 accusations have been made against professor Goalm azam where collaboration and assistance Pakistani force, 6 accusations, 3 for planning with the Pakistani force, 28 for instigation of the Pakistani force, and 24 for the involvements with the Pakistani militaries and one for his personal killing, ang other kinds of crimes.
The investigation officer completed the investigation on October 31, 2011, and the investigation officer submitted the formal charge through the prosecution of the tribunal .360 pages of the investigation report including the 10,000 pages volume books has also been submitted by the investigation officer.
The charge sheet had been submitted against Moulana Delwar Hossian Sayedee , BNP leader Sala Uddin Kader Chowdhury and The prevouis Ameer-e-Jamaat Professor Golam Azam the hearing of framing charge against other leaders is running.