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Jamaat's Acting Secretary General Dr. Shafiqur Rahman slams the government for not allowing Jamaat called Iftar program in honor of the diplomats
Tuesday, 14 June 2016
Dear fellow countrymen,   
  Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah  
  On behalf of our party, I am again extending greetings of the holy month of Ramadan to my dear fellow countrymen. May Allah bless us with mercy, forgiveness, and salvation as gift to us in Ramadan. May Allah allow us, the Muslim peoples to fulfill its purpose and to attain its due rights.   
  My dear fellow countrymen,  As you know Bangladesh Jamaat e Islami wants to establish Islamic welfare country according to the principles of Quran and Sunnah. On the basis of this great purpose, Jamaat e Islami has been carrying out its activities in a legitimate and democratic way since 1979. Since then, every year in Ramadan, Jamaat e Islami arranges Iftar party for the honorable foreign diplomats. This social and religious program has been held every year peacefully by the grace of Allah without any interruption. 

As usually, Jamaat e Islami arranged Iftar party for honorable diplomats on 9th June of this year as usual. Honorable Diplomats also gave us consent accepting our invitation as guests. They assured us that they would attend in our program. When our preparation for the program was at the final stage, on 8th June night, Dhaka metropolitan police authority created huge pressure upon the hotel authorities for cancelling the program. Under such an adverse circumstance, hotel authorities declined to host our event. Hotel authorities said in a formal letter that they were forced to cancel the event as per the police instructions. 

This is very sad. It was a very peaceful religious and social event. It was not a political matter. And even if there was political matter it does not mean that it was bad. It was totally religious and social program. Government cannot tolerate even holding such a program. Under the instructions of Intolerant and dictatorial government, police disrupted our religious program with unnecessary interference. We again condemn this incidence. By such initiatives, the government not only deprived Jamaat e Islami but also these diplomats who are the distinguished guests of our country. We think the foreign envoys have also been insulted. It surely damaged our image to the world. We do not know how much this government does care for the dignity of our nation. Actually they don’t care about country’s image as you know the countrymen vehemently rejected the general election in 2014 only because of their dictatorial rule.   
  The government, who came through power by arranging forceful, unconstitutional and immoral election with less than 5 percent turnout, should not have any commitment towards the nation. Government proved their irresponsibility once again. 

We want to say that all dictators in past had been lost finally and threw to the dustbin of the history. No one could hold power forever. The dictators of Bangladesh will not be able to stay in power forever as well. And people will not also accept this dictatorial rule. By nature, people of this country are free minded. They had sacrificed their lives for the language movement, for independence. The people of this country know it very well how to survive though struggle. They gave lives for the restoration of democracy and still they are tragically sacrificing lives. 

But we are hopeful that unified struggle of people will bring victory one day. The dictatorship will fall ultimately. Country and its people will enjoy democracy and rule of law one day again. 

My dear fellow countrymen, we hope and believe that you will continue to support us in this legitimate struggle as you did in the past. With your sincere prayer and support, our movement for establishing rule of law, right to vote and right to survive will continue in a democratic way. 

Bangladesh Jindabad, Bangladesh Jamaat e Islami Jindabad.