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Turkey recalls ambassador to Bangladesh after Islamic leader executed
Thursday, 12 May 2016
Istanbul (dpa) - Turkey has recalled its ambassador to Bangladesh for"consultations," a reaction to the execution of an Islamist leader in Bangladesh for decades-old war crimes, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported.     

Motiur Rahman Nizami, 73, head of the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami party, was hanged for crimes - including genocide, rape and incitement to religious hatred - committed during the 1971 war of independence from Pakistan.     

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is rooted in conservative Islam and the government often allies with other Islamic parties.     

The Foreign Ministry this week was sharply critical of the use of capital punishment in Bangladesh, condemning the practice and warning it could cause social tensions.     

"We strongly condemn the execution, since we do not believe that Nizami deserved such a punishment and wish God\'s mercy upon the deceased," the ministry had said in a statement.     

Jamaat-e-Islami opposed the creation of Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, and collaborated with the Pakistani military in the war. Almost the entire top leadership of the party has been accused of crimes.