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Jail authorities torturing Ghulam Azam mentally & physically, Afifa Azam
Tuesday, 15 May 2012
Afifa Azam has alleged that the jail authorities have been torturing detained elderly Prof Ghulam Azam mentally and physically. The level of torture is increasing day by day, she added.

In a statement Saturday, she said that the detained former Jamaat chief has been suffering from stomach related complexities from his early days of detention due to unhealthy food that the authorities supplied.

Beside this, they also seized Islamic books including holy Quran and Hadith even writing materials from the detained Professor, pushing the prominent Islamic scholar into mental illness, she said.

Even the jail authorities recently don’t allow his blood-relatives to meet with him in the custody.

The prominent language movement hero is being tortured at a small locked-house which is protected from all sorts natural ambiance. She alleged saying that her husband, Ghulam Azam, is deprived of all kind of human rights.

Aren’t the concerned ministries informed about it; otherwise who are working behind the scene of the torture?, she putted a question. Despite we have repeatedly asked the authorities orally as well as in written to repair the air conditioner at the room but they showed reluctance.

She expressed her deep concerned as the detained Prof Ghulam Azam couldn’t able to sleep due to hot temperature at the room.

Afifa Azam urged the countrymen to pray for the detained language movement hero so that he can get release of the repression.