Saturday, 28th November, 2020
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Ameer-e-Jamaat Section
Acting Ameer calls to give up conspiracy for canceling Islam as state religion
Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Maqbul Ahmed has issued the following statement on 16th March, 2016 protesting and condemning the conspiracy of cancelling Islam as state religion.

“The countrymen will resist any such conspiracy strongly. Islam is the state religion of Bangladesh. 46 other nations also honor Islam as state religion as well. The people of this country will not tolerate any plot and conspiracy for cancelling Islam as the state religion. People of all walks have due support for keeping Islam as state religion. Then why the government is plotting that conspiracy to cancel Islam as state religion? Whom they want to make convinced?

 Islam is tolerant and respectful to all other religions and faiths. So there is no chance of causing any harm to the people of other faiths, if the position of Islam as state religion continues.

The sentiments of the Muslims are closely related with the concept of Islam as state religion. Government must show its respect towards the view and choice of the majority of the people. The consequence of ignoring the public choice would be disastrous.

The quarter that is plotting conspiracy to cancel Islam as state religion is actually playing a dangerous game. The vested quarter who are instigating the government to do so, they do not want betterment of the nation and even of the government.

In this backdrop, I am urging the concerned authorities to show respect to the public view and to give up the conspiracy for canceling Islam as state religion immediately.”