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Upholding conditional judgment about supplying home-made food to detained Prof Ghulam Azam is sorrowful, Mrs Afifa Azam
Monday, 14 May 2012
Mrs Afifa Azam, wife of former Jamaat chief Prof Ghulam Azam, has expressed grave concern over upholding the conditional verdict by the court about providing home-made food for the elderly Professor, who remains in prison cell for about four months on so called war crimes charges.

In a statement Thursday, Afifa Azam said that Prof Ghulam Azam, who is also a language movement hero, has been detained for nearly four months and remained under treatment at BSMMU prison cell where he has been suffering from several crises including malnutrition due to lack of healthy food.

It may be mentioned that after abortive repeated request to the concerned authorities to allow to supply home-made food for the professor, we have taken shelter of the court over the issue and the court passed its order saying that home-made food can be supplied on condition that the family has to bear all sorts of food-caused responsibilities of the detained professor.

Terming the verdict is upsetting and unexpected, she alleged that the old-aged professor and prominent language movement hero is a scapegoat of political conspiracy.

She expressed her surprise saying that how it is possible to detain an elderly man over the so called allegations took place about 40 years ago.

The government’s attitude indicates that they want to punish the detained alleged war crimes victim even before the court verdict, Mrs Afifa Azam alleged and expressed her worry saying that she met with the authorities of hospital and prison cell repeatedly over the issue but they remain reluctant about it.

Afifa said that how the family-members can bear all sorts of responsibility as they don’t sure that the supplied food is given to him as it is.

Rather the jail authorities can examine the supplied-food whether it is healthy or harmful for heath. She requested to reconsider the verdict.

Though there is a court, Appellate Division, higher from the Tribunal, there is no rule for placing appeal with the Appellate Division against the tribunal’s order now, she expressed her helplessness, adding that it is against the fundamental human rights.

So, there is no alternative to place their complaint to the almighty Allah over the matter, she said.