Sunday, 12th July, 2020
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Question of the report of Saudi Gazette What may be logic to detain Honorable person like professor Golam Azam after 40 years?
Sunday, 13 May 2012
The misbehavior treated with Previous ameer-e-Jamaat, Professoor Golam Azam has been termed as unacceptable by the influential newspaper of the Saudi Arabia, The Saudi Gazette. Why arrest of Professor Golam Azam has been done after 40 years?- raising  this question the report of that newspaper said, “Golam Azam is honorable personality in the Muslim world because of his religiosity, honesty, confidence, equitability etc. But the accusation of crimes against humanity has been brought against him committed about 40 years ago. It is not only exclaiming but also condemned. Is there any logic to detain any person of post ninetieth who retired from the politics about ten years ago as well as he had been detained  in the jail lonely”.The report has been made by the Previous diplomat of Saudi Arabia and specialist on South Asia ,Dr. Ali  Algamdi
This report illustrating the 1970 election and next incidence to the 1971 said, “The accusation of war crimes has been made against 195 Pakistani soldiers where no bangalies were included as war criminals”. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman pardoned those persons saying, “We want to show how the bangalies can pardon”.
More than one lac peoples were arrested on the accusation of collaboration. Excluding 752 persons were freed from the detention where there were no political persons.
The report said, “But the leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islam including Professor Golam Azam had been arrested after 40 years for which various international Human Rights Organizations and Internationally expert lawyers disrepute for this act”.
This report also said, “ Golam is the victim of the revenge of the politics. He was detained for sixteen months during BNP reign. The honorable Supreme Court in its verdict of freeing him from jail said, “We do not any proof of direct involvement with the barbaric activities during 1971 liberation war”. The order also said, “There is nothing to directly implicate the petitioner Ghulam Azam in any of the atrocities alleged to have been perpetrated by the Pakistani army or their associates – the Rajakars, Al-Badr or Al-Shams. Except that the petitioner was hobnobbing with the military junta during the war of liberation, we do not find that the petitioner was in anyway directly involved in perpetuating the alleged atrocities during the war of independence.”
Now after 40 years of liberation war it has also been raised but no accusation has been made during any time during any Government even it has not been raised during the Awami  1996-2001.Accusation of crimes against humanity has also not been raised. So what may be logic to detain the honorable person like Golam Azam after 40 years but politically chasten?